you ever been playing a computer game, sports game or anything of that kind with a friend or even by yourself, lost and felt really frustrated? Well that’s me in a nutshell, I am terrible at losing anything and I throw such paddies all the time if I lose a single thing against my fiance. It just drives me insane to lose to her at anything….and I mean anything.

If we play a computer game like…Wii Sports for example and we play baseball, I’ll bat and likely get a lot of foul balls, maybe a home run or two then it’ll be her turn, she gets a home run…I turn off the game and feel angry…so much to the point that she wants to cancel our weekly game night because she feels that she will have to always let me win if we had to keep playing video games and I don’t want her to feel like she has to do that but I also don’t know how I can just turn off these frustrations if I lose at something. I have tried many times to go through a game and if I lose, laugh it off but every time I fall behind, I feel anger building up and it’s so hard to switch it off and it’s really affecting our game time now…I don’t want to cancel game night at all because I really enjoy the time we spend together playing games yet I also have no idea what to do when it comes to losing…should I just brush it off and come back again, realise that it’s all just a bit of fun and taking part is all that matters?

I never get so angry that I throw anything in anger, I just don’t want to play anymore, I am a horrible sore loser! I have to win or I don’t want to play, sounds immature but I feel it’s something I don’t have much control over it at all…I’ll continue to try and do something about it but I’m just not so sure what that thing can be…how do you stop being a sore loser, just like that? I need to save our gaming nights!

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