Happy Birthday, I don’t know about you but with me, Birthdays have been somewhat an issue sometimes, mainly because of the well known fear known to people with Autism, being able to socialise and make friends so if you don’t have many or any friends at all, then birthdays can be a very lonely or unfulfilling day. Before I knew about my Autism…I actually had very good birthdays, I had friends over for parties and sleepovers and what not, it was all good but as I entered my teens, I noticed a…change, I lost my so called friends as I underwent some changes in my life such as been aware that I had never prior really thought before I acted and that my actions might upset others.

Most of my teens, I never really celebrated my birthday at all, I tended to just have a quiet day in at home and stuff…I think the main reason was I went through dark times at this point of my life and felt that the world was against me, I had only been told I had Autism and people around me began treating me differently…it was a hard time for me and…getting older wasn’t really something I cared about at the time.

It would be the age of 17 that I would do something for my birthday again and by this time, I had started college and met new people that saw past my Autism and saw a person and from that age, birthdays began to be important to me again and I’m glad they did because I had forgotten how fun Birthdays with friends, family and your other can really be! I remember inviting some friends to go with me to a theme park for the day for my 24th Birthday and it was a great day! I had fun and have many photos to look over and remember a great day out forever but I was proud that I was able to ask people if they wanted to, before hand I would have been to scared to do so because of my past but I had learnt from what had happened before and It had made me a stronger person.

The fear of thinking others won’t like you held me back for a long time and I let it because I was too afraid to let go of my past, the feeling of betrayal and being held back because of my Autism, I had a lot to prove to people just so I could live my life the way I wanted to and I have my rewards for that today. If I could say to anyone with Autism about a birthday, it would be to always enjoy them and never ignore it…Birthdays are special and whether your with friends, family, your partner, all of the above or by yourself, celebrate the occasion and don’t let it pass you by because you will regret it! You only get so many birthdays in your life so make the most of them.

Today was my fiance’s birthday and I did a little scavenger hunt for Emma and left her clues as to where find her hidden birthday presents and after that, we went out for food, saw a movie and had a takeaway to celebrate the occasion. She was really happy and had a great birthday and I feel happy that I was able to make it that bit more special for her. Now I can not only celebrate my own special day but I can make someone else’s that bit special as well! That makes me happy and positive because now I have many special days of the year that I can do something special with my fiance and I just know that all over the world, many people with or without Autism can do the same.

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