I don’t really know what possessed me to go for a long run in the countryside when it was pouring it down with rain and I chose to wear a non rain proof coat and only a thin shirt underneath that but it may have been because me and my fiance both wear these things called fit bits that measure your steps every day amongst other things and she was about 12,000 steps ahead of me at that time…stupid Zumba class she takes!

IMG_0982I wasn’t going to let a little rain stop me from beating her….I’m just that competitive I guess! the jog took about just over an hour and I ran about 5 miles and it didn’t stop raining for a second off it….and knowing British Weather, it would be not so bad one minute and absolutely pouring it down the next, it can be very difficult to read sometimes but I still should have brought a jumper at least to keep me warm, I was drenched in about 5 minutes, it was like I was asking to catch a cold or something but at least I saw a couple of rainbows on my travels that evening whilst I was running down river roads…they were running with water, it was a nightmare whenever a speeding car goes by, a wall of water always rises up and tries to splash you so if I ever heard or saw a car approach I’d stop if I was near a big puddle so I wouldn’t get splashed, not that it would have mattered but I had a fit bit on and I didn’t want it to get broken. I don’t think running in the rain was the best idea I’ve had…I mean i didn’t see any other joggers that evening….well I saw one biker but that was it, it was very quiet minus the car, trains and pouring rain

I think in the end I ran around 15,000 steps and became the leader on the board…how long that lasts for is another matter but I really needed a towel, change of clothes and a warm drink when I got in…I was shivering…feel stupid because beating Emma at something was all that mattered to me that evening, even my health didn’t seem to matter as much…even though she smiled and warmed me up that night, I always feel lucky to have her in my life, even if we both always try to beat the other one at almost everything…it’s hard to predict the British Weather sometimes, you could start a jog when it’s sunny and half way through you could be drenched by pouring rain, only for it to be sunny again just as you make it back home…typical is what I think of that. If you were to go for a run in the rain, I would recommend a waterproof coat with a hood, a jumper and maybe 2 shirts….should keep warm and even so…don’t stay out in the pouring rain for ages…perhaps just do a short jog and save your long jog for a nicer day.

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