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Warning- Spoilers ahead

In the last weekend, We went to our local cinema to see the movie Inside Out and this movie had a big interest to me, considering it was based on Human Emotions and me having Autism….well you know the rest, seeing a head full of emotions, mainly

  • Joy
  • Anger
  • Sadness
  • Disgust
  • Fear

Basically, we watch a girl called Riley grow up and one by one, her emotions appear and run her everyday life…how she should react to what goes on with a certain emotion which was interesting….if this guy hadn’t shown us the inside of a body more than a decade ago

I know you remember this                     movie

Ok so Disney didn’t get their first with a movie about the inner life of a human body but their way of doing it in my opinion was better in focusing on the emotions of a person and this movie will affect people a lot more than Osmosis Jones ever did…no fart jokes in sight in this move…thank god! Anyway, one emotion is kept away from the controls at all cost…like the dictator Joy acts like in this movie…come on, you thought it at least once, she keeps Sadness away because she doesn’t want Riley to have a single sad moment in her life…not one if she can avoid it! Happy Happy Happy, sounds great right? Wrong, we all know no one can stay happy all day, every day…to much happens in our lives that make us express Anger, disgust and yes sadness! Well I guess they had to choose one emotion to make look avoidable, even if we all know it isn’t…what would Joy have done if one of Riley’s parent’s died?? Happy Happy Happy! STAY IN THAT DAMN CIRCLE SADNESS OR I SWEAR TO THE BRAIN, I’LL THROW YOU OUT OF THIS TOWER! Ok, maybe I’m a little harsh about Joy here but you have to be honest, her word was law for much of this movie and it’s only towards the end that she relents and lets Sadness emerge onto the stage but more on that later.

INSIDE OUT – Anger, Fear, Joy, Sadness and Disgust look out upon Riley's Islands of Personality. ©2015 Disney•Pixar. All Rights Reserved.
The Islands of Personality

Joy and Sadness are accidentally removed from the tower…via Sadness touching what she should not touch and the two must find their way back….you’d think their would be an easier way back…I mean….don’t they ever leave that place…I mean ever…they have a view of all the worlds in Riley’s head yet are never meant to actually explore them…I feel bad for Anger, Fear and Disgust here..imagine having to do what Joy said each and every day and not even being able to leave the room. All the core memories…happy ones!

Along the way…we run into Jar Jar Binks! I mean this guy

INSIDE OUT – Pictured (L-R): Bing Bong, Sadness, Joy. ©2015 Disney•Pixar. All Rights Reserved.
Bing Bong, Riley’s Imaginary Friend

Now he may split what people think about him, loud, obnoxious and does nothing but lead Sadness and Joy into more trouble than he’s worth if you ask me, an old memory wandering about Riley’s head…well most kids had an imaginary friend at some stage, and every movie apparently needs a character that does that outrageous thing that makes you laugh or sigh, wandering why he’s even there!

After many trials, Sadness and Joy make it back to the tower…minus Bing Bong who dies (Spoiler alert) or is forgotten about as he sacrifices himself so Joy can escape the pit of forgetfulness, is that what it’s called…I forget. We reach a conclusion as Riley begins to run away from her family to go back home to Minnesota from San Francisco before it crashes into Tokyo , I’m kidding because her remaining emotions Anger, Fear and Disgust decide to create new core memories where Riley grew up at but Sadness and Joy save the day and create the multi colored orb, completing the story.

What would a movie like this do to someone like me with Autism?

Well emotions are hard to read and express for someone like me, I’ll admit I can’t always tell if I’ve made someone sad, happy or angry and also struggle to understand how to feel so seeing this movie is really good and makes Fear, Sadness, Joy and Anger more understandable and that it is ok to feel them, it may not be the same for everyone but a movie like this can really speak to you and I would recommend seeing it and giving it your own opinion.

It spoke to me this movie and made you see clear that it’s ok to feel all of these emotions, to never hold any of them back like they tried to in this movie, Joy was desperate to keep Sadness away from the controls…even though the character they based sadness on…I wish they kept on doing so…I mean all she did at the start was touch all of the happiest orbs…despite the others telling her to not do so, she had her circle and should have stayed in it…not because she represented sadness but she was so annoying,,,well to me she was anyway, the thin happy figure would be joy whilst the fatter, glasses wearing one represented sadness? was that to send a point out or something, I mean Disgust was thin but didn’t have as much a role as Joy or sadness in the movie but then again, Anger wasn’t exactly skinny or as tall..I think I’m looking into the appearances a little too much, it just annoyed me a little bit that sadness, the one emotion that many can struggle to express was made out to be avoided like the plague and made to act so annoying and a nuisance yet Anger is perfectly fine?!  and one thing kept annoying me throughout the movie…why is anger more acceptable for a teenager girl than sadness, heck even disgust is more acceptable than being allowed to shed a tear here and their but that’s what we learn during the course of the movie…that it is ok to cry over life’s problems, learn about them and overcome.

inside-out-trailerWe also saw into other people’s heads during the movie and what I found funny about the mother’s head was that the sadness emotion was at the center and in the Father’s head, it was anger meaning that in each head, a different emotion would be in charge apparently and by the end of the movie, you have in Riley’s head multi colored orbs, meaning that all of the emotions are expressed and none are hidden away which is how it should be but it was like the movie was telling us that many people struggle to express a certain emotion, we all have reasons to avoid fear or anger at all costs or some struggle to show joy…disgust seems to be doing fine though or it is if you’ve ever had a YouTube comment before or ever posted on Facebook before….either that or just watch the news…disgust is everywhere there!

I do have a question about this movie, one main thing that really bugged me throughout because it happened an awful lot.

  • Why was Sadness the only one who could change the colour of an orb? 

Seriously, wouldn’t Anger or Fear be able to do the same….nope, you clearly saw them hold other orbs and nothing happened but the moment sadness touches one, it changes blue….so why is sadness the only one able to do this? Was it because Joy was so hellbent on preventing sadness for their human Riley  that their was literally no sadness at all but enough Anger, Fear and Disgust to suffice? Who knows but maybe it’s different in each body…if chosen an emotion can change the outlook of a memory for whatever reason…I doubt Disney would explain…maybe they didn’t think anyone would notice? But in this movie, Sadness was the only one seen to change an orb, particularly Happy ones and make them Sad thoughts…maybe it’s because Sadness is the opposite of Joy???

Anyway, a great movie that should be up their amongst the great Disney Movies, I’d give it a 10/10 every time, it has it all…even the sad death…even if the character was a tad annoying…maybe more annoying then Sadness, it was still a touching sacrifice as you watch Bing Bong fade away but when you see this movie with all its emotions, the struggle between moving cities and growing up and at the end, we see the Emotions with a more advanced controller with all the curse words on them! very understandable for all and for me, helped me see the good sides of each emotion, not all are bad, nor any actually so don’t be afraid to express them at all and enjoy them and what comes with them…it’s better than going through life unable to cry about anything or never smiling…right?

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