I know we should give it more time perhaps but has the WWE Divas Revolution been successful so far??? Not in my opinion and I’ll tell you why

No Tittle defenses so far

e026eeeafcd5a01ed8a6b04dde0b6807Nikki Bella has not defended her championship ever since Stephanie McMahon announced the so called revolution, all we’ve really had are a few tag team matches and some single competition and a triple threat really but no actual Championship match and I can’t understand why they would do this…unless to try to take our attentions away from Nikki Bella closing in on A.J Lee’s record which for some stupid reason WWE want to happen, way to go WWE, you’ve pretty much sailed your Divas down the river if Nikki Bella is to be your longest reigning Divas Champion….pathetic if you ask me and it’s not sour grapes or I’m not giving her a fair chance, she’s been around for years now and all they have done, The Bellas is talk trash and cheat…that and sleep to the top…how is that an example to follow because no WWE, we aren’t stupid…we have the internet and we all know Nikki and Brie are married to two very high profiled stars in Daniel Bryan and John Cena

So will there be a Championship Match at Summerslam, wasn’t one at Battleground, I swear WWE doesn’t even try to hide the fact that Nikki Bella will be champion for the foreseeable future, they don’t even try anymore if you ask me! Nikki will retain at Summerslam, whoever she faces and soon enough, people will lose interest in the so-called revolution and even if someone defeats Nikki for the championship…they’ll screw it up somehow and make a mockery of their championship reign (i.e Kane style)  so if we’ll just have Nikki Bella in charge for a while more before someone takes her belt….I don’t call it a revolution…more of a long campaign but a Revolution is meant to be quick and swift

It’s just a couple of new Divas??

raw_1155_photo_080-3005138004.0.0-1437893651-800All that has happened is three Divas have come from NXT to WWE….not that special really because they are on Raw….not on NXT, hereby they play by WWE’S Rules now…as in it doesn’t matter if you were the best in NXT, if Vince get’s tired of you…you won’t get high up and successful…so how long until they get bored with this ‘revolution’ and we all pretend it never happened..I’ll give it until….The Royal Rumble…

Paige isn’t all that

Now before I get ripped on for saying this, hear me out…when Paige arrived from NXT to WWE, I was so happy, even though I had never seen NXT before…it was a good moment, even if her first match kind of sucked and was rushed but since then, we’ve seen her…turn crazy?! in that time when all the Divas were doing it…A.J Lee, Paige, Alica Fox…was it to get noticed or something but with Paige…the gimmick has always stuck and I ask myself


Why was Paige suddenly very Anti Social and against all the other Divas…betraying them at every turn….yes it was obvious that no one would want to work with her but she is a good wrestler, a two-time Divas Champion who can wrestle circles around the Bellas…still makes me laugh how WWE attempts to make the Bellas look like credible wrestlers….face it WWE, it will never happen! can’t they just let Paige wrestle without people thinking she’s crazy….the gimmick is old and not as good as when A.J Lee did it but as we all know..WWE will flog that horse long after its dead then wipe it off the face of the Earth…who’s A.J Lee again…CM Punk…even Hulk Hogan! who are those people again?

I’m even getting tired of Paige people and I’m British! she’s a great wrestler, just don’t let her talk so much… all she does is these boring backstage talks with her team and I always feel like…she just can’t be that bothered to be honest…nothing against any of the Divas talking….but out of all of them, only 5 of them don’t annoy me when they talk and they are

  • Naomi
  • Sasha Banks
  • Charlotte
  • Becky Lynch
  • Tamina Snuka

The Bellas and Paige are just horrible when they talk…The Bellas because of those stupid whinny, never-ending voices of theirs and Paige…she just sounds uninterested and it’s obvious she is only acting, clear as day but the others, it looks and sounds very real!

Hopefully things will get better soon…as long as Stephanie McMahon stays away…please

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