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Ok, here I go…Adam Sandler…what a guy…you’ll have heard of him I’ll bet??? unless you’ve never watched a movie outside of Disney before! this guy…how could I sum him up…he makes my blood boil when he brings out a movie nowadays…if it looks good then you see his face appear on the screen, your expectations drop because you know what’s coming…it always does in the end…lame jokes and how he was a loser as a kid, only to save the day and be…cool…that always seems to be his movie career….from begging Stone Cold Steve Austin to let him look tougher than him to being mocked for being a Video Game Nerd…it’s like the 1990’s never ended for this guy and he can’t let go or something! If you have seen any of his movies in the past 3 to 5 years, you may have found yourself scratching yourself on the head and asking yourself

  • Why Did I Pay To See That Pile Of Shit!

Let’s face it, everyone has seen at least one of these films, how could you not?….from Grown Ups to Big Daddy! Adam Sandler has been in many upon many movies, more than I can be bothered to count! Pixels comes out in the UK very shortly but is already available in theaters in America, and you can see a review on said movie here, via this YouTube video

p7937506_p_v7_ahI recently decided to be brave and watch both Grownup movies, just to see if I could and it was so hard to not turn them off and go do something else! I got bored after a couple of minutes in each one and with each corny jokes, fart jokes and one liners that were around each corner, I would roll my eyes and be amazed as to how Sandler would think any of these are still funny in this day and age! I mean…once or twice is fine but you lose count how many times it happens in each movie, especially when he always appears to play some sort of loser with an attractive wife but is pretty much a punching bag to some hill billys who can’t get over a decision in a basketball game from like 30 years ago to Stone Cold Steve Austin to Pac-Man!

Here is another Review of an Adam Sandler movie

Wreck-It-RalphWhen I first heard about the latest movie Pixels, I was excited about a movie involving Donkey Kong and Pac-Man, even though one recently came out, if you look to the picture to your right! but hey, it looked good…until I read Adam Sandler was in it…I then decided to not see this film…I might buy it on DVD when it’s like a fiver a year from now because that’s all I would pay to just see it once then throw it away because the last thing I want to see is this douche bag using his ‘I’m a loser who becomes cool at the end…what is he trying to tell us?’ with Nintendo Characters and Pac-Man. Disney got it right, it was a great movie, yet Sandler’s sense of humor takes over and you roll your eyes and wonder why he doesn’t just do something different and waste everyone’s time…I swear in 9/10 Sandler movies…corny jokes and a fart joke…it’s not the 1990’s anymore, we have moved on from that! at least do something new…keep it fresh and stop flogging that way past dead Horse Adam! Bury it and get a new one! I don’t think Sandler has…the writing in his movies tells me that they feel rushed…many loopholes and lazy lines just makes you think that he just passed a piece of paper around his mates and they all wrote down the jokes they liked the most and they all made it into the movie…like a fat guy who dreams about food…Hahaha, that’s comedy gold Adam! Old lady farting all the time, amazing! You play as a guy and a woman in the same movie…give this guy an Oscar already!! he has me in stitches (rolls eyes)


images (1) I mean…why would you do this you monster?! and maybe you think I’m being harsh…maybe their are Sandler fans out there that will pay to see each one of his movies like sheep because…pee jokes, who knows but when most of his films involve the same actors A.K.A his friends in all of them with the same lame jokes and you think that’s ok then you clearly have no taste in movies and are very very easily amused! I had expectations for Pixels because the trailer actually looked good and maybe I’m jumping the gun because of the reviews and videos I’ve seen of people being upset with how bad Pixels is! maybe I should see it before deciding if it’s good or not but this movie can be an exception, I mean…I remember one other film that had very high expectations but it turned out to be one of the worst films of all time…remember this?


Part of me doesn’t think I can see another film turn into a big pile of disappointment, I mean cinema’s are expensive! horribly expensive really and I just don’t think Pixels is worth that price…no where near to be honest…I’d be surprised at all the people who have, you know who you are! you have to live with that decision, yet if you’ve been to a Sandler movie and decided that you won’t go to another one yet did a year later and you’ve come to that decision once again…face it, you’re lying to yourself….you know you’ll go and see Grownups 3 if they ever make it.

Just remember this, despite what we say about this man, that despite how terrible his movies are now which they are beyond terrible, the cesspit of movies…he will have more money than the majority of us all…the guy that sucks so much in every movie he’s in will still live it in his big house whilst we sit here and tear his movies apart! And that’s why he truly sucks! but for him, the 90’s will never end!

And just in case you ain’t seen it yet, here’s a trailer for Pixels

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