Well…I really didn’t see that one coming, even though I predicted an Arsenal win in my prediction post earlier on, part of me was afraid because Mourinho always beats Wenger, always but not today! Petr Cech was a big help today and he looks like he could be a great leader for the Gunners, still can’t believe Chelsea sold him to us…almost as silly as us selling Van Persie to Manchester United! a great strike from Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain (what has he done with his hair?) a quarter of the way through the game was enough to ensure that Arsenal win the F.A Community Shield for the second year in a row and the first team to win silverware this season, I know Chelsea fans will say that it’s not a trophy and to be honest, the team didn’t look so bothered….their loss if you ask me, it’s either arrogance or pure stupidity…If I were a player, I’d have wanted to win today and not just assume we’ll win the league but their you go! but come on, you guys are not guaranteed to win anything this season, we all have just a good a chance as you do! for all we know…Liverpool could surprise us all and challenge for the league…I personally doubt that but the great thing about the Premier League is that it can be unpredictable! Chelsea are not invincible and the day will come when they don’t win the league, either Manchester City, Arsenal or Manchester United will win it soon. Both teams looked rusty today but regardless, it was Arsenal who were able to come out on top today but as I said before, the loser will not be seen as underdogs in the Premier League Title Race…Chelsea will be seen as favorites but you can not assume that Arsenal are not up there, you’d either be incredibly stubborn because you hate them or you don’t know your football! the top 4 who are favorites to win the Premier League this season are clearly

  1. Chelsea
  2. Manchester City
  3. Arsenal
  4. Manchester United

I’m not here to badmouth Chelsea because I’m an Arsenal fan, one of my Uncles is a Chelsea Fan, I don’t really do that sort of thing, if we lose to them, I’ll say congratulations, I’m not the kind of fan who will go out of his way to insult a team because of a rivalry…albeit everyone else will, I can only imagine Arsenal Fans and Chelsea Fans tearing into each other with insults on the Underground and about Wembley as we speak!

Overall a great win for Arsenal and we are now all ready for the return of the Premier League, a full time score of 1-0 that means Arsenal have beaten Chelsea and Manchester City for the Community Shield in the past 2 years, not bad if you ask me….not bad at all, 4 trophies in 2 years is good…no one can deny that, not even the stubbornest of fans can say that is bad.

Bring on the Football


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