Well it appears that at any time now, PSG will announce the signing of Angel Di Maria who had only joined Manchester United about this time last year, making his stay in the North West of England a rather short one….maybe he wasn’t a fan of the weather? who knows but what we do know is well…his stay at Manchester United was as memorable as Falcao’s was… apart from a goal on his home debut and a chip against Leicster City…not much else to discuss really, some of us may even forget he ever came to Manchester United in say 3 years time…and that’s a shocker if you ask me…for both of them, yes even Falcao….they joined Man U and well…became kind of crap but to be fair it does take a while for players to come over here and get used to the Premier League, it took Mesut Özil when he moved to Arsenal a while and he has now won 2 FA Cups and 2 Community Shields with them and amongst other players who have come here and taken a while to blossom, it takes time…something Van Gaal doesn’t seem to care about, they had more than a season to get back to their primes the successful ones, well Alexis Sanchez seems to be an exception…he was great from the get go! yet Di Maria had one season before he decided to turn coat and run across the English Channel to Paris where he will hope his fortunes are much better…at least he’s guaranteed to be a part of a winning team in France as PSG own that league and they should at least get through the group stages of the Champions League

However, with a reported £44 Million fee being accepted, Man United look set to make a loss of £15 Million pounds from this, although Man United’s Manager Louis Van Gaal does not look so bothered about it but then again, does anything really bother him that much? yes they made it to the Champions League…almost, still have to make it to the group stages yet…oh well, he should only be there for a couple of more years….bet you a few Man U fans can’t wait for him to be gone, he’s arrogant and seems to be unable to admit mistakes but that doesn’t mean he isn’t successful but he annoys his players to the point that they literally run out of Old Trafford, whether he brings in suitable replacements remains to be seen for Di Maria and even Van Persie and with Wayne Rooney in his thirties now…a new strike force may be needed in the next couple of years, a change is coming to Manchester soon and it may be needed if United want to win the league again but for now…a problem is about when players like Di Maria aren’t given enough time to adapt and get used to a new league…if he goes to PSG and does well, theirs only one person to blame for that.

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