I don’t know about you but I usually just have 1 red bull every now and then, although I have cut back since my University days…something needed to keep me up as I wrote my script at night! however after reading about this, I just couldn’t believe that it was physically possible but here we go.

untitled-3A woman called Lena Lupari (26) from Northern Ireland claims to drink 28 cans of Red Bull every single day! Not week, Not Month or Year but Day! how is that even possible! surely this is clear evidence that Red Bull does not give you wings! now she claims benefits, up to £6000 a year so it’s nice to see where some of it is going…into 3,000 calories of Red Bull on a daily basis! and now according to the Daily Mail, Lena is claiming that the Red Bull is causing her to go blind which can easily be explained when each can of Red Bull has about 80mg of Caffeine in it so 80x 28=2240 mg of Caffeine entering her body every day

  • In a week, that is 15680 mg of Caffeine
  • In a Month of 30 Days= 67200 mg of Caffeine
  • And for the heck of it, in a Year= 817600 mg of Caffeine

That’s a lot of Caffeine but it shouldn’t just be her eyes that she is worried about! think about the higher chances of a Stroke, Heart Attack and not to mention the extra weight gained from it all which will put more strains on her body. Now this could be seen as an addiction, I mean more than 10 would be seen as one but more than 20! come on now! All of the sugar, caffeine in this are outrageous and this whole story seems outrageous if you ask me, this individual has no one else to blame than herself because no one forced her to drink this stuff, no one forced it down her throat, it was her decision and it now needs to be up to her to get the help she needs before it’s too late although it is said that she has cut Red Bull out of her diet after spending 6 hours in hospital due to an incident related to this terrible choice of diet! Surely this is a clear message that too much of anything is bad for you…even water.

It should be a warning to everyone, moderation is good! too much of something will eventually be bad for you!

Do you feel sorry for her?


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