expedia-logo1Now I am feeling terrified and scared at this point because I stupidly wound up on some review sites last night and saw what many people had written about using Expedia, things like them arriving and their hotel was overbooked or the flight had been changed and stuff like that, even read one when someone’s flight was cancelled and they became stranded in Bali, many hundreds of pounds out-of-pocket and that kind of thing has scared me to no end because now I’m scared that I’ll either get to the airport and something’s changed or I’ll get to the Hotel in France and they don’t have my reservation and I have nowhere to stay! I know I’m jumping the gun and for all I know, everything will be fine and I’ll have a great holiday in France!

I’ve been told to think positively by family, friends and my fiance but part of me just can’t help and worry that something horrifying happening and leaving me so much money out and I won’t be able to do anything about it because I’ve heard that Expedia’s customer service is amongst the worst, and 9/10 of the reviews I saw were negative making me wish I had found them long before the holiday, does anyone else get really scared just before they go away on holiday…like for things like

  • Overbooked Hotels
  • Cancelled or Delayed Flights
  • Overcharged
  • Scammed

I hope I’m just paranoid and that everything will be fine and I get home safe and happy, I really do.

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  1. I had the same worries, but these kinds of things happen with companies everywhere, and it gets sorted in the end. If you’re really worried, why not email the hotel to confirm your room is booked? And at the end of the day, Expedia have no control over the flights, that would be the airline. And don’t forget, people are always more inclined to review when they’ve had a bad experience, not many people will take the time to review average or good experiences. I hope it goes well and you have an amazing holiday!

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