Well after a great pre-season for Arsenal, we are already greeted with injury news…well not really greeted, more like a loud, unwelcome knock on Arsenal’s door! although I am not entirely surprised by this news at all, Jack Wilshere is forever plagued with injuries, don’t you think? this news annoys me because I fear it may only just be the start of the usual injuries Gunner Fans have to go through annually, it just always happens to us, our players drop one by one and that’s the main reason why I get so frustrated that we don’t really buy many players during the transfer window, because we don’t always have enough backup to patch up the gaps left by bloody injured players!

jack-wilshere-celebration-full-screen-high-resolution-wallpaper-photos-free-for-desktop-backgroundIn the picture to the left, answer me this, is he screaming because he just scored or has his ankle just snapped? Apparently, if you look it up, Jack Wilshere will have missed 43 per cent of his Arsenal Career due to Injuries, I would do a Diaby joke here but he’s not even at Arsenal anymore!  I swear this guy has the worst legs in Britain when it comes to getting hurt, it’s like they are made of glass or something but for a player who is one of England’s best, he’s never around to show that fact off, he’s too busy camping in the Arsenal Injury room too much!

Great start after Pre-season…is it Deja Vu for Arsenal?

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