I had a think and I haven’t done any research on it or anything, it’s only meant to be a bit of fun after all! you often hear the question, If you could go back in time and change one moment of history, what would it be? I had a long think about it and when you think about it, there is one moment in all of history that would definitely change the way people in Britain, Europe and America would live today if things went a bit different and it involves this man…


Don’t know who that is? well I’ll tell you, his name is Harold Godwinson, former Saxon King of England. Now why would I mention a king from almost 1,000 years ago? Well in 1066, in England a famous Battle occurred near Hastings so it’s called…The Battle of Hastings, a fierce battle between Saxons and the invading Normans led by William The Conqueror and as we all know, The Normans were victorious and then ruled England from then on out….but what if that didn’t happen?

I choose the 14th of October 1066 for a reason, because it could possibly have a ton of significance on the majority of the planet when you think about it. If I was to go back in time and change the events that took place on that fateful day and made sure that it was Harold and not William that was victorious on that day then the Saxons would continue to rule England  or even the Danes and William The Conqueror (or Bastard) would be dead, changing history. Let’s face it, British History has a major significance for many other countries about the planet, especially America and many others, mainly because of the Empire and out of all the events of British History, for me…Hastings would have changed so much more than say Waterloo or even the Battle of Britain, mainly because it was a long time before America came to be a recognized country! not to say the French or Spanish would have been in Britain’s place instead in the War of American Independence, who knows! but a different outcome at Hastings, one that does not involve a British Empire?! it may have led England down a different road that asks, Would the Magna Carta have not become a thing as well? Whether the Plantagenet’s  still attempted to invade England although Henry II’s grandfather was Henry I, a Norman who was born in 1068 so if the Normans had lost and William killed than Henry I wouldn’t have been born and Matilda and so on so the Plantagenet’s could be ruled out, possibly.  Shakespeare’s plays may not have come to be! England would more than likely still be Catholic as well because with no Tudors…no Reformation.

Without the Normans in charge, it isn’t definite that England would have been safe from invasion, it’s easy to assume but you don’t actually know for certain if England would have been invaded again or not but even so, if the Normans didn’t successfully invade, chances are the outcome of English History would change significantly with a different set of Kings and Royalty and who knows if England would have gone down the same path that it did. Think about it for a second, what other famous events may not have happened if the Saxons had won at Hastings? I’ll label a few that I think would be different or not even happen

  • magna_carta_british_library_cotton_ms_augustus_ii-106Magna Carta
  • No War of Roses
  • henry-viii-image-553059No Tudors
  • MTE1ODA0OTcxNzgzMzkwNzMzNo William Shakespeare possibly or Issac Newton
  • English Reformation…only would have happened with Henry VIII
  • 20130704231615!Spirit_of_'76American Independence…would one have happened?
  • British Empire…would one have come to be?
  • Both World Wars…how different would they have been?

Would England have sailed to the west if the Saxons had won? Probably would have attempted to do so, I mean the other European Powers were doing it after all, it would just depend the state the country would be in at that time…if it would still be called England that is? chances are the French invade and we become a part of France?! even so, France or Spain could have been the one who got the East Coast and whether a war of Independence happened…well? you can only speculate with most of these, Although England and France may not have had such a rivalry if the Normans had lost, I mean England wouldn’t have had Normandy, would it? Whether they would have one day tried to invade afterwards, who knows because like I said, it’s just for fun this.

Point being I guess is…it could be easy to imagine how much World History could easily change if the Saxons were victorious in 1066, the way you live your life could have been so much different if things had been different in 1066, so much so.

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