Bonjour! Well today is the day! we set off on our 6th holiday abroad together, this time, our destination is Paris, France! I am very excited about this because I have always wanted to see this city! Many places to explore in just one week! but these few are the ones I want to see the most out of everything that would be unmissable when coming to France!

  • Arc De Triomphe
  • Eiffel Tower
  • Euro Disney
  • The Louvre

I would soon learn that their was so many more sights that were fantastic to see and I would be so glad to discover them.

We woke up this morning at 7am and got ourselves ready, spending as long as we could making sure that we had everything we needed before our taxi arrived to take us to the airport. I’ll admit that I am a little scared about this holiday after the night before, reading very negative comments about booking a holiday through Expedia and had a lot of ‘what if’ thoughts running through my head, however everyone has reassured me that everything will be fine and that we will both have a very enjoyable holiday! I hope that they are all correct and that I really have nothing to worry about when we arrive at the airport or the hotel.

The taxi arrived on time for us and we set off but I may have booked it a tad early because it only took us 40 minutes to get us there…so we had to wait a bit longer for our flight. We were able to check in without much trouble…or any for that matter…I was even able to get my case placed into the plane for free, instead of having to put in into the overhead compartments above the seats which was a life saver, saving me from having to drag it about the airport for 4 hours.

YIMG_0992ou know how you can only take a very small amount of sun cream on a plane nowadays, well we decided to think about going to purchase some from duty-free… it was an offer, 2 for 1, which cost us about £36!!! that’s how they get you though, right? A rip off if you ask me but what choice do you have? We went to Burger King for a quick-lunch before going to the gate and heading towards our Jet2 Plane! The weather was great in Leeds/Bradford, we hoped it wouldn’t be all sun here and rain over in France!

The flight took about 70 minutes, the shortest I’ve been on, the people on the food trolleys didn’t get very far before they had to go back as we were landing. Guess what…it was raining as we stepped onto French soil! I’m sure the weather will improve with time though so I won’t let this affect us so much. We waited for our taxi to take us to our hotel but we had to wait for a while before he arrived and then we had to go to another terminal at the airport to pick other passengers up and it took more than an hour and one couple didn’t even turn up! oh well, at least the driver put on some music as we sat and waited before finally making our way towards our hotel in Bagnolet.

IMG_0994We checked in very easily and went up to our room which looked really nice, big bed, shower and a sofa and television, all that we needed really as we’d be out of it most of the time exploring Paris! we unpacked..or Emma did, I would end up mostly living out of my case! well come on…I thought it’d be easier for me but some disagree with that…each to their own if you ask me.

IMG_0999We set out to find our closest Metro station, Gallieni on the dark green line and after getting our 5 day passes, began to make our way towards the other side of the city to meet up with another couple we were coming on holiday with and had already been in the city for about half a day and were staying near the Arc De Triomphe however, we met them at a place called Villiers where we went to go and find a place to eat which we found a nice small cafe and I had myself a burger covered in blue cheese, lovely! Emma was a little bit tired after travelling so after we ate, we thought about going back to the hotel but changed our minds and headed to the Arc De Triomphe which was easiest to get to on the Yellow line…very confusing on your first day and wow, it just looked amazing when you first see it.IMG_1004

It looks great at night, don’t you think? the architecture and designs all over it make it a must see if you come to Paris, I mean just look at it…I was so impressed by it, even though it just looks like a giant stone with a gateway in it from afar but it’s so much more than that, it has history, it has beauty in it  and around it and you can even go on top of it for a small fee…I didn’t do that though….little scared of heights yet I flew on a plane here…many tourists about and crossing roads with them was fun because some didn’t understand when it was safe to cross because cars coming off the road nearby flew off at a top speed!IMG_1008IMG_1013

IMG_1012 But strangely, this wasn’t the best thing to see in this place…that was reserved for the thing surrounding the Arc! it’s roundabout is a hectic zone that looks insane! cars coming on it from all directions and it is said that a bump or some sort of near accident happens every 11 minutes! I saw many cars with dents and even one with a taped on door! people on bikes, scooters…insane, I would be terrified every time I had to go on there, something like that could never be allowed to happen in Britain, not in a million years! it was very entertaining to watch though! Plenty of near misses and one crash that involved the police occurred as we arrived!

At this point it was getting quite late and we had a long day ahead of us tomorrow, we would go to Disney Land but until then, time to get some sleep but I’m already loving France so far, it looks great and I’m so relieved we got here without a single problem happening.

Night till then

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