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Well how about that, Arsenal survive Crystal Palace by the skin of their teeth and secure the first win of their campaign and I can happily say, thank god for that because despite our possession, Palace always looked more dangerous when they were attacking, you would be terrified if they had a shot in case Cech had another howler, thankfully he improved a lot from his last game and was able to mostly keep Palace out but up front, Arsenal still need a new striker…even if Giroud did score today, we can’t rely on him alone if we truly want to be Title contenders, we just can’t! And Coquelin…don’t get me started on him, I can recall shouting at the television, SUB HIM OFF! the daft idiot, how lucky was he to have not been sent off, that could have cost us the game the moron! we were so lucky he stayed on long enough to be subbed but how the game could have gone if the ref had produced a red card, Gunners would have been up in arms calling for Wenger to get the sack or to spend majorly, some still will!

I am so happy that we won but can’t take anything away from Crystal Palace who proved that they have what it takes to stay in the league for years to come, a very good squad who on another day would have beaten Arsenal today! I can admit that we did not completely deserve that win because we were not convincing enough, it was like the first leg against Monaco all over again! lack luster and didn’t finish off all of our good chances, Sanchez still looks tired! Why didn’t we see Walcott today? At least Ozil had a good game today, thank god…one of our buys from the last few seasons turned up and ran the show, that was nice to see but we need to push on from here against Liverpool and show the league that Arsenal can challenge, that we can be taken seriously but we have to do better against teams like Palace in future, today was luck…good luck but it wasn’t anything to write home about…apart from that goal by Giroud which was beautiful but we all know the 2nd goal was an own goal, we won by a gift from Palace.

Bring on Liverpool!

Man of Match: Santi Cazorla

Arsenal Points: 3

Next Game: 24th August- Arsenal vs Liverpool

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