Well that was a disaster, losing to West Ham 2-0 on the opening day in our own yard, that makes it even worse! not the welcome home from France that I wanted…no new signings either…what have Arsenal been doing since I went on holiday?! Never mind, I’m back and firmly believe that today, we will turn it around and come back with 3 points….Sanchez is back and Cech will get it together! this one’s personal for me today as my Father is a Palace fan and by god, I will not have him gloating to me for months after this! It shall be me rubbing it in his face when we crush Crystal Palace!

My Squad


Monreal, Koscielny, Metersacker, Bellerin

Coquelin, Cazorla

Sanchez , Özil, Walcott


We need a win today lads because a 2nd loss in a row to in my opinion, teams that we shouldn’t be losing to would be just awful, I know it’s only early in the season but still, it’s not fantastic, far from it and it would really show that we need to buy and strengthen the squad in my opinion but today is a must win or Wenger has no damn excuse to not buy and spend money! Not one single excuse, now don’t get me wrong…I’m not Anti Wenger but come on, if you really want to WIN the league, you have to show that you mean business, yes we won the F.A Cup again and the Shield but pre season means nothing! no one remembers the Shield, they remember the league!

My prediction will be a 2-1 win for Arsenal with Sanchez scoring both goals

Best of luck lads!

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