Well wow people, just wow…I did not see this result coming from anywhere but Manchester City have indeed defeated Chelsea by 3 goals to 0 at the Etihad Stadium and now move 5 points clear of the champions. Now I know that we are only 2 games in and everything but this result still has significance because mentally, this will affect Chelsea who have not won a game yet and you can’t blame pre season for this or say that Chelsea are not 100% yet because you could then argue that none of the 20 teams are 100%, we had all pre season games and what not…why should Chelsea be able to use that as an excuse? You lost, plain and simple…you’ll dust yourselves off and come back..we all know that! congrats to City for a hard fought win!

Begovic is a very good goalkeeper and made some class saves today against City, he is not to blame for the 3 goals scored by Aguero, Kompany or Fernandinho today! what baffled me though was the John Terry substitute at half time, I mean he’s the captain?! Zouma is meant to have made things better…if anything bring Cahill off instead, I mean he did have that incident that made him bleed, that would have made more sense but no…bring off your captain and leader instead…perfect logic! also Jose said that Chelsea were the better team in the 2nd half? didn’t City score 2 goals in that half? and that was the half without John Terry playing so what are you trying to say you ego maniac? just for once in your life accept you lost fair and square! maybe other fans wouldn’t hate your team half as much if you showed some grace and admitted when another team bettered you. I disagree with Mourinho saying they were better in the 2nd half, yes you were unlucky with that disallowed goal but apart from that, City were the better team and at the end of the day, it’s the amount of goals that matter…City had 3, you didn’t get any…still confused as to why you have Falcao on your team…insane!

Still early days and these two teams will be right up there fighting for the Title along with Arsenal and Manchester United, this is a big loss for Chelsea but is not important just yet, they have many more games to make up for it. But for me, Falcao is a big mistake…a much better striker is needed if Chelsea want to retain.

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