IMG_1018Well I am exhausted, I have been on my feet all day today…since eight in the morning in fact! today we went to Euro Disney, well after a quick breakfast at a nearby McDonald’s! we joined up with our mates and headed along the Metro Line towards a rather different kind of train, it was a double decker train? like the double decker buses you see in London, you could sit either downstairs or upstairs on this particular kind of train…looked rather cool at first if you ask me, we should have trains like this in Britain!IMG_1077 you start to get used to the quick stops at stations along the way, that it only takes a few seconds from stop to stop on some lines, then your off again! it took around half an hour to get to the station and through the barrier and as we stepped outside into the blazing heat…we saw a giant crowd of people at both gates to the parks…it was going to take a while to get through all of that but we went and got our tickets and their was no issue! (massive relief) and we then queued up in the massive sea of people with the excited kids…screaming ones as well…seem to be more of the latter to be honest…noticing the ‘no selfie sticks’ signs all over the place…they don’t work, I saw loads of people with them in both parks…you get your bags checked so how do they get through? Food as well when you think about it, loads of people take drinks, crisps and sandwiches in…oh well.

I saw a guy in a pink shirt offering to sell tickets for a cheap price (yeah right, scam right there!) no way in hell you get Disney Tickets on the cheap! yet I saw a desperate man purchase some for his family! I couldn’t believe it and guess what…they didn’t work, he was many euros down and the guy in the shirt was nowhere to be seen, so please people…no matter the situation, never buy Disney Tickets from anyone apart from the Ticket Office at the park, you will lose your money and have no tickets otherwise….it’s hard seeing the look on a man who realises he has been had!

Today, we chose to go into the Disney Studios park since it was the smaller one and the queue didn’t look quite as long as the other park did, that and we could probably get it done in a day! Can I just say that Disney is just amazing, one of the most beautiful places I have ever been in my life! hear me out, you can feel the atmosphere here, the excitement and the happiness that most people feel being here, the magic of it all as you see the scenery, buildings, characters and rides but of course their is the overpriced merchandise, food and other things that will leave your wallet weeping for many months after! e.g A reasonable sized Mickey Mouse Plushie cost 30 Euros! That’s a bit of money!

IMG_1133The first ride was Crush Coaster, a Finding Nemo Ride…the queue was long, I call it a maze of steel! it took about an hour to get on the EAC (Eastern Australian Current) it, got to see the Mine birds though! it was a great ride, full of twists and turns that made Emma feel shaken up after the ride, bless her. A very fast paced ride but next we tried to go onto the 3D Ratatouille ride but it had broken down so we though…try again later so we walked to the Tower of Terror!

IMG_1050Emma and Evie didn’t fancy it so me and Ben went on it, he thought we would have to be stood up as we went up but no, we had seats and belts to wear…this ride has always been good but it still always surprises me when it goes up and down, every single time! one of my favorite rides really, the images and story are always good, no matter how many times I see them! afterwards it was the Aerosmith Rock and Roll coaster which was one of the fastest things I’ve gone on so far, although the loop in the dark took me by surprise! I almost lost my glasses! it is a most if you like loops and fast speed!

IMG_1032Getting lunch in a Disney Park can be hard sometimes, mainly because the queues last a lifetime, everyone goes around 1ish but we were able to get some sandwiches but the annoying thing were the wasps circling around anyone with a drink…they never leave you alone! stupid things but never mind because                 after IMG_1033wards, we went to go and see a stunt show which was really good, although the line to get into the seats was massive, people sat behind you kick the back of your seats…squeezed in but the show was good regardless, many good stunts to see, even Lightning McQueen showed up!

ThIMG_1048e ending was quite explosive, literally, fire everywhere…it was great! now after this, we went back to Ratatouille and it was open but the wait was 70 mins and after a brief argument about the ride, we decided to go on but in my opinion…it wasn’t really worth that much of a wait!

A simulation ride really where you are the chef rat in the kitchen, it only lasts a couple of minutes, not much to write home about to be fair…oh well if that’s your kind of thing then go for me, it just isn’t for me…sorry. With that done though, all the best rides were done as were the shows so with some time left, we went into the other park for a while and I always love walking through Main Street USA! all the shops and how busy it gets…it’s great! the queue for the Train was way too long so we walked into Adventure Land and me and Ben decided to go on the Indiana Jones ride, again…Ben and I only went on as the girls didn’t like Loops and it was a very long wait, more than they said it would be and I had to take my glasses off and hold them as we went around the ride and I could see why after we set off…they warn you to sit back with your head against the seat but I didn’t do that at first, big mistake! I was bashed about and almost dropped my glasses on the loop and ended up with a big headache!

We decided to head back into Paris and get some food! a place called Le Bis Repetita was our destination and it was really good, I had a steak, medium and it was running with blood still. Emma needs to work on her French a little as she said ‘Gracias’ instead of ‘Merci!’ whoops! end of our first full day, time for sleep…more tomorrow! Night!

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