Another long exhausting day today for us both, well they all would be right? It’s a holiday! my feet were still very sore after yesterday…being constantly being on them from dawn to well after dusk.  and I had forgotten my money card at the hotel…whoops, luckily I had some with me or I’d have starved all day! We went to buy our tickets for the train and the woman had no idea what kind of ticket we wanted, and we kept telling her, showed her the kind we wanted but she had no idea and shooed us away…quite rude as all the others have understood and been very helpful but their were others about who helped us get the rights ones…thank goodness

One thing that we noticed was certain people would hop over the ticket barriers at most stations and nothing was ever done about it…we even saw a couple get a baby pram over one! not one person said anything about it, weird…another thing that I had seen every day so far was the amount of people that got on Metro trains and pleaded for money in French then get off and go to the next carriage at the next station…at first I would think ‘You had enough to get on the Metro…’ But then thought that they had probably hopped over the barrier….why not, 4/10 people I would see were doing it. Another thing I saw and thought was pretty cool were the few people that played music on trains. From violins, guitars and even accordions, it made the journey more entertaining…don’t think I’ve ever seen that in England before…might make people more relaxed!

We didn’t meet Ben and Evie this morning, we had a little alone time in Disney and went at our ‘own pace’ that and Emma wanted to go and see some Disney characters instead of going from ride to ride all day so it was different, more Emma’s thing but I didn’t mind…we would go to Fantasy Land and ride the tea cups, venture into Alice in Wonderland’s Maze and see many Disney Characters like

  • Donald DuckIMG_1126
  • Daisy Duck
  • Winnie The Pooh
  • Tigger
  • Eeyore
  • The Incredibles
  • Cinderella etc

But we then came across a tent, a rather big one where we would have the chance to meet Mickey Mouse, it was a 40 minute wait but we went for it and were able to watch some Mickey cartoons as we waited! French then English and so on until we went into the room where Mickey was and had our picture taken with him, like this one


Very friendly, gave him a high five and all that, Emma seemed really happy and in the end, that’s all that mattered to me! she left with a huge smile on her face and to be honest, so did I…their can be more to a park than just the rides.

After quickly grabbing lunch…which was expensive, well it was Ben and Jerrys as everywhere else had queues a mile long! we met up with Ben and Evie at Thunder Mountain, although they were already in the queue but we weren’t to far behind them….and it was the longest queue I can remember being in, it seemed to go on forever…it was about 70 minutes in the end but it was just so boring, going around corner after corner to realise that you still have another 20 to get around before you even go around the corner that leads to the stairs that take you down towards the ride…messes with your head! The ride itself was quite good, although Emma screamed when we went up a big hill and when we got to the top, the drop was so small…I think she felt rather silly afterwards! I couldn’t stop laughing to be honest, she’s never been a fan of Roller coasters before but she seemed so determined to go on some here, it was nice but funny.

Discovery Land was next and me and Ben went straight for Space Mountain, single rider queue because it was only 15 minutes long…it was a bit longer than that but one thing that made me laugh before I got on was how 2 people were in that queue and assumed they could ride together, only to be told that they could not but still kept trying again and again…it got rather silly to be honest and one of them just gave up I think and waited outside. I was sat next to a French Lad that did nothing but scream in fear, all in French right in my face…lovely but to be fair, it was pitch black for the whole ride and it even had a loop in it, terrifying, or it was to him anyway, if he kept going any longer, I’d probably understand it all.

After a quick stop to Buzz Lightyear Blast, me and Emma went off on our own for a bit after I had a small rest outside a store but didn’t tell them where I was…whoops! Ben and Evie went to the Star Wars ride as me and Emma went to a relaxing boat ride in Fantasy Land which went through fairy tale land….anything so I can relax for 5 minutes! Then as we queued up for the Pinocchio Ride, Emma decided to go and see the daily parade so we went early and managed to get a seat in a very packed area outside of the castle! couldn’t move without bumping into someone else…eventually, the parade came through with a song you will really struggle to get out of your head, I still am to this day!


Great show, it really was but as we were watching this, Ben and Evie were hopping from ride to ride…all because most people in the park were at the parade…when we all met up again, we went for the dreaded Peter Pan ride, I say this because me and Emma once went to Disney Land in Florida and never got on the Peter Pan ride…the queue was 3 hours long! I ain’t waiting that long for it! so we went into the queue which was an hour! DSLuckyand a part from a kid constantly blowing a loud whistle the whole time and a family cutting in halfway and refusing to move…the ride was ok….just ok but I was relieved that I didn’t have to think about that stupid ride anymore, thank the gods that it’s behind me now! After a quick ride on the Pinocchio ride which Emma didn’t like because it told the story in the wrong order (she’s a Disney Geek) we decided that we had almost done all of the best things in Disney Land so went into the shops for the first time and me and Emma purchased a Disney Tsum Tsum…101 Dalmations one I think called Lucky!


Emma loves it! then went to a Planet Hollywood and had a great dinner, although I regret the Terminator Cocktail that I had! Not the 4 Cheese Pizza I had though but I then realized that I didn’t have enough money to pay for my share! WHAT A NIGHTMARE! but Emma gave me 10 Euros which I would repay her! (I love her so much) was scary but I would later find my card, woo hoo! I was really enjoying the holiday so far, it was fun to share it with other people for a change and see a country like France…ok so mostly I had only been to Disney so far but I had seen a bit of Paris as well but that’s to come in the 2nd half of the holiday where we explore the actual city of Paris from top to bottom! We decided that we would come back to Disney for one more day and do all the things we hadn’t done yet, do our shopping then after that, see Paris! With that decided and a long debate about a music video on the restaurants TV..we headed back home and guess what…we had an guitar player on the train, a man came on begging for money and I saw people hop the ticket barrier and on the bonus side…many Metro stations had Mice all over the place…tracks, gutters, platform….lovely!

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