I got back from a holiday in France recently and felt great, really great that I had been able to enjoy a great holiday for the week but the next day…things were different, I just had no motivation to do anything fun at all…and I had no idea why! I just feel so down about the future this week, like where I am right now and whether I’ll get beyond that and exceed to higher heights or will I just stay where I am each and every day until the day I die? bit extreme but…you know.

I’m not so sure whether it’s just a blip that will pass in a day or so, it probably will but it dominates everything at the moment! Whether it’s linked to my Autism or not, I don’t know but it might make those feelings a bit more extreme, that’s a possibility.

Anyone else ever feel like this randomly one day…you just woke up and couldn’t be bothered to do anything and didn’t feel motivated about the future? I know I won’t be the only one who ever feels like this sometimes…it’d be nice to know others who can feel like this sometimes.


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