Surely Man U fans across the globe are furious as they find out that Barcelona star Pedro is in Britain today but he is not in Manchester…rather he is in London! Apparently Man U have said they are no longer interested in signing the winger…for some reason and instead Chelsea have swooped in and negotiations are in an advanced stage! for around a £21.1 million pound fee, Chelsea will have signed themselves a fantastic player but what puzzles me is why Man U would lose interest in a great player like Pedro, I mean I’d rather have him in my team then Ashley Young any day! now we will all have to deal with a team containing Hazard-Fabregas- Matic and Pedro!

I would assume that being at Manchester United would be a privilege, an honor for many players and yes, Pedro would have come to the club but Van Gaal stopped that but Ramos isn’t coming…Ozil chose Arsenal over them, De Gea looks like he wants Man U not THE destination anymore for players who want to come and play in the Premier League anymore?

No Ramos, No Otamendi, No Pedro, No Di Maria and possibly No De Gea! Rooney is still somewhere last season…no idea what his issue is and the only flicker of light coming from Old Trafford is from Depay, great signing! I’m not a Man U fan, far from it and I don’t want to make fun of them at all but I’d be a little concerned if  I was a fan! I’m not one of those delusional ones that no matter what happens to them…Man U is the best thing since sliced bread, every team goes through hard times, them included!  if they don’t buy a new striker or someone world class like Muller because personally, I don’t fear Man U’s squad at all anymore, heck at the moment, Spurs look more a threat and I’m being honest. I remember Carrick, Fletcher, Rooney, Van Persie, Vidic, Smalling etc the game against Villa was a bore by the way…beating Club Brugge is nothing to write home about! you haven’t come across a decent team in the Premier League yet… you face Arsenal and Chelsea soon enough! much tougher tests are to come for you United… this current squad…it is far from the last one that won the league before Alex Ferguson’s retirement, heck this squad isn’t worthy of lacing up that squad’s boots!

This reminds me of something that happened a few years back to another club….who was it…used to win the league all the time now that’s just a faded memory…oh yeah Liverpool, at the moment, it looks like it’s Man U’s turn for a long dry spell, I mean look at all the money they’ve spent since Ferguson left…if you don’t get a trophy this season…was it all worth it? If a team like Arsenal gets criticized for not winning the league for 10 years then what will people say about Man United if they go that long? it’d be like a travesty! it could just be that United fans end up watching re runs of the late 90’s and 00’s like Liverpool fans do with the 80’s? I doubt it but you never know.

Anyway great signing for Chelsea…wonder if it will help them shake off their pre season webs and get back into the game before City pull to far ahead.

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