Have you ever gone for a jog in the dark before? I just did and oh boy, it scared the life out of me…it was about 4 miles altogether and I set off at 8 in the evening as it rained, the grey clouds already made it a little dark but it was evening time still, you could see just fine but as you set off and jog along the countryside roads in the rain…you see the sky get darker…the rain makes it hard to see and as you jog up that one big hill you want to get up quickly because you always feel right mint afterwards because you didn’t stop once! you jog along until you get to that set point that you set for yourself to turn around and head back home but as you do…it’s much more darker than it was when you set off…it’s still raining and every time a car flies past you, the lights almost blind you and it’s the only way you can see the road clearly anymore…at least that’s what it was like for me tonight….for some reason on my way back, in the middle of nowhere, I heard a squeak…like one of those toys pets play with…it squeaks when you squeeze it…that kind of noise, the kind that made my heart’s beat increase slightly…enough to get me to pick up the pace and get home faster, it’s no fun being out in the countryside at night on a jog, I really should have gone earlier. I was in the middle of nowhere at this stage…the nearest house was about 5 minutes away so it freaked me out like nothing this squeak! I mean…especially at night, everything just becomes all that more creepy!

It was quite the experience tonight….especially towards the end when you see light again, the dim lighted orange glows from those street lights as you see the town from the top of the darkened hill you ran up before….now I can’t see a thing, I have to rely on my ears for noises like speeding cars approaching…very scary if one comes and you can’t see the road…it’s very steep down this hill but you focus and get down before a car speeds past, I bet they shit themselves every time they see someone on the side of the road just appear in their lights!

So a word of advice….don’t go running at night time!


  1. I actually love going out at night.. I’ve gone out as late as 2am.. And rarely ever felt a sense of danger..except from passing cars.. I know this is totally stupid on my part.. But in my old stomping grounds.. I just knew I was safe.. I just knew it and I was right.. Here where we are now I’m more cautious.. But I still love walking at night.. I only wish I could jog.. But I’m not in good enough shape for that yet..(ps. If you go out during the full moon.. You’ll feel much less anxious because there’s much more light,..šŸ˜‰

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