Now this is s weird one because it’s not really something we should do but some people like to go jogging or go out for a walk in the middle of the night! sounds silly, right? I mean, it’s dark…hard to see and all that so unless you had transport to get where you were going, why would you walk from A to B at night time? This instance, we would go for a walk at night time to a hill a few miles from us to see some fireworks at a place called Castle Hill in Huddersfield.

Going up to this place was always a fun walk, even if it was at night time and it was pretty much up hill all the way and this was all just so we could watch some fireworks go off at Castle Hill for Bonfire night but getting up their at night was bloody hard, not only was it freezing cold but when you have other people that walk as fast as snails..well only a couple, the rest were pretty quick, it takes a damn lifetime! I would have used a night time shot of Castle Hill, only most people aren’t crazy enough to go up there in the middle of the night! clearly, I must be!

I’ve always like Bonfire Night, don’t get me wrong but when you have to walk more than a mile uphill to an old building on pathways you’ve never been across before in the night…it’s kind of annoying because you know you could easily get lost up there, it’s poorly lit. Twice I did that walk, one was from a place called Storthes Hall which was about 5 miles out of Huddersfield and I went with a mate and we just walked down the road which was pitch black, using our phones for lights! Now that doesn’t sound so safe and to be honest…IT WASN’T, so many cars fly by at speed that make you jump out of your skin because they won’t see you until the last second! luckily, we stayed in at the very edge until pavement appeared….bit random for it to vanish and then reappear in the middle of bloody nowhere!

You get to a point where you can see Castle Hill from a distance yet you still have a long way to go…most people just get a taxi there…not us though, nope! we just bloody walked it…still don’t know what possessed us to think that was a good idea but it was an experience….a terrifying one! towards the end, it gets steep as you go around corners and up hills until you need to cross the road and just as your about to, some nut job comes speeding through like the arsehole he is! anyway, now you have to climb up the 200 steps to get to the top of the hill and it’s rained so they are all slippy…wonderful, if I slip and go down the hill, only one person will be able to see me! oh well, you make it to the top…your wet, tired, it’s incredibly windy an936010_601259173263875_1192836279_nd you are kind of fed up but you then see the view, a sea of lights and activity as you see Huddersfield from up above and all of a sudden, you don’t feel so grumpy anymore.

The area is packed with people to watch the fireworks go off but you can’t really hear a word what anyone is saying because it’s that windy! oh well, look…pretty fireworks!

60077_601260073263785_1822935279_n 482409_601260199930439_2054022078_n

I know pictures ain’t as good as a video would be but after a long trek and using your phone as a light…your battery is virtually dead so we just…got a darn taxi back…better safe than sorry but the year after that, we went with other people and walked both ways! It’s just weird walking to places at night time…I can’t stress that out enough people, once it turns night time, get inside and lock the door! have a drink and watch Game of Thrones again and again! But don’t go wandering through the countryside at night time!

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