You can’t go anywhere in this country sometimes because it might be nice and sunny when you leave your house but after say a few minutes or even an hour…it could be a different story, it could suddenly be like a monsoon with terrible downpours of rain that will soak you in about 5 minutes, that’s what happened to me last night on one of my jogs!

It was funny because it was Sunny when I set off for my 6 mile jog and it seemed to stay that way for the first half of it but as I got to my half way point, the weather suddenly took a turn for the worse, the sun was completely gone…nothing but darkened skies and it then poured it down with horrendous rain, I was soaked in only a couple of minutes! the sudden change of weather in Britain is nothing new, I’ve grown up with it all my life and the annoying thing about it is, it’s really hard to know what to wear when your going out, like last night when I went running, I had no idea whether to take a coat or a jumper…in the end I took both and I was right to do so as it heaved it down…if I had only taken a shirt, I’d have been more than drenched…especially running for 6 miles! It’s annoying because a lot of the time, I’m never confident in what I choose to wear in case the weather does a U-turn and changes on me…

Anyone else ever had an issue when it comes to the weather and going out…do you live in an area that can suddenly change it’s weather so suddenly?


  1. oh gosh, it’s exactly the same here in the Philippines. one minute the sun is out and shining, next thing you know it’s raining mad.

  2. I do! I live in Wisconsin. Everyone in the Midwest jokes, “dont like the weather, just wait fifteen minutes.” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve set off to go on a run and it’s bright and sunny and then… BOOM… dark and cloudy. It does push me to run faster though! Haha.

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