japan-map-13084115We came across quite a debate today while we were in Leeds…what happened was we both came to an issue where we both had different ideas on how to spend our Honeymoon in Japan. For a while we have been saying that Japan will be our honeymoon destination when we get married next year but as we talked about it today, it suddenly became quite clear that we had different ideas of how it would go down! We had a brief argument about it, which resulted in us needing our own space for about half an hour in Leeds! We have agreed to make a list of what we both want to do and try to compromise! We both want it to be memorable but don’t want the other to not get to do what they want

What I Want

MtFuji-pagodaI want to see as much of Japan as I can during the 2 weeks that we will be there and that’s because once we have had our honeymoon, we our likely going to want to have children a year or so afterwards and I highly doubt I would have another good chance to visit Japan for about 10-15 years so I would want to get the most out of my time in Japan while I can.

  • Tokyo
  • Kyoto
  • Osaka
  • Akihabara
  • Ride a Bullet Train
  • Mount Fuji
  • Japanese Cuisine
  • Japanese Lifestyle

japanese_bullet_trainI want to do all of these things and at the end, have memories that I’ll remember for the rest of my life, I don’t want to miss a thing and have no regrets once we board that plane back home. He feels like he won’t be able to do that if he’s going at a snail’s pace, he hates going slow, to him it’s boring and a waste of time, kind of ‘you only live once policy’

Emma’s Issue

side-pool-lean-relaxShe doesn’t want to be exhausted every night from being on her feet running all over Tokyo and Kyoto, she wants to see sights but not rush about, however Matt wants to do so much, she just hopes that Matt doesn’t forget that this is a honeymoon, not a sight-seeing holiday! They have both different ways of enjoying a holiday, one likes to explore a new culture and enjoy it to the fullest and the other does a little but prefers to stay by the Hotel Pool for most days and relax, can be quite frustrating for them both sometimes.

What Emma Wants

hachiko-statueEmma wants to see sights, no question! The Hachi statue is a must as well as Tokyo Disneyland! however she would also like a few days to relax and not do much sometimes, she wants a hotel with a pool in it as well so staying in Kyoto is a possibility for them. She wants it to be special for them both but understands everything that Matt wants to do in Japan as he has always wanted to go there. Emma would enjoy seeing Japan but she doesn’t have as much stamina as Matt and gets tired quicker whereas he could go on for days before needing a rest. In Italy, they went to Vesuvius and Emma decided to not climb it because of her bad knees, whereas Matt who has the same problem climbed it and got an amazing view of the Bay of Naples.

Matthew’s Issue

B0KARB-bored-shopp_2609644bHe doesn’t want to feel like he missed out on anything at the end of the honeymoon because he feels that this will be his only time going to Japan…well when your thinking of having children, it’s not going to be easy to go very far on holiday…what with how much children cost in today’s world. He understands that this is a honeymoon and he accepts that, he wants it to be special and some alone time for them both but he’s not the kind of person who can keep still for very long when it comes to going to a new country, hell Emma loses him when they go to a supermarket, imagine Tokyo…he loves to see everything, he always has and doesn’t always enjoy just relaxing…he can do it but he gets bored very quickly, he’d rather wander the streets of Tokyo and explore something new. He doesn’t want to spend all of that money and not make the most of it when the other wants to relax so much…they can stay at home and do that for free but a trip to Japan doesn’t come about very often. To not spend thousands to just stay by a pool! It’s a rare chance to go around the world and he doesn’t want to waste that chance, not for a single second!


file_197899_0_bionicvbionic658It’s tough at the moment to come to a fair compromise as both are stubborn on what they want to do in Japan, very stubborn in fact. One wants to see it all, eat it all and enjoy it all while they can, whereas the other wants to enjoy it as much as the other but relax as well from time to time. It’s quite heated as this issue continues to remain between us both. Neither one wants to back down and feels like the other is taking over the plans for the whole thing. Kind of like, we’ll do this and this and the other is like…can’t we do this instead, I don’t want to do that! the other get’s annoyed and an argument happens without a conclusion and they both go bother feeling bugged and annoyed that their voice isn’t being heard, bla bla bla your typical couple argument where the other wants to win

So what would you rather do? Get as much done as you can or Do some things and relax every now and then? We feel like we will reach a deal that will make us both happy and we will have a great honeymoon in Japan, we just don’t want to make the other feel bad about anything…oh the joys of preparing for a wedding and honeymoon!

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