Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar

Screen-Shot-2015-07-20-at-8.33.48-PMI don’t see a clear winner here, an interference has been speculated ever since this match was announced and that involves either Undertaker’s brother Kane returning, Sting or both of them to set up future matches so it shall be interesting to see how that turns out…although I’ve heard that Vince McMahon isn’t interested in Sting vs Undertaker so whether Sting shows up remains to be seen but I remember reading somewhere that he wasn’t in town for the show, it may be just what fans want to happen but for me, if anyone was to come out, it’d be Kane…since Lesnar took him out not so long ago but then again, knowing WWE…no one will come out and the internet will be full of complaints about the finish to the match, either Lesnar losing because that would somehow make him look weak? How is losing to Undertaker a bad thing? Someone please explain that one to me? and as for Undertaker losing…where would he go after that…Taker losing twice makes no sense unless Sting interferes or heck…even Kane in a shock U Turn although that wouldn’t make much sense either because of what Lesnar did to him but then again…Kane returned in 2012 when John Cena was fighting Mark Henry…the man who injured him and….he didn’t attack Henry, he choke slammed Cena? so who knows

Winner: Double DQ

John Cena vs Seth Rollins- Winner Takes All

Easy for me, Seth Rollins will either win or get DQ, simple because if John Cena was to get a 16th run, it would be in the main event but since Lesnar vs Taker appears to be the main event, Cena will not win the WWE Championship! Sorry but WWE just wouldn’t do that…it would make no sense for something that big to not be the main talking point of the show, so yeah…Rollins will leave NYC with his belt…he’ll survive another day. I mean, Cena just had a new shirt that said 15 x champ…would they do that if it was just out for a week or so? No way?! I mean it could just be there to throw fans off…I guess but it just seems a bit silly to me to do that…would WWE go that far to just trick fans? I mean if Cena was to win…people will be pissed…NO ONE WANTS IT TO HAPPEN! sorry Cena fans but no one wants Cena to equal Flair’s record…it’d be like Mr 5 moves is better or something…the best of them all and I don’t know how I would feel about that…he’s good but damn it, he’s so annoying!

Winner: Seth Rollins

King Barrett and Stardust vs Stephen Amell and Neville

snooki-wrestlemania-xxvii-brunette-mafiaI really…don’t care who wins this match but we all know that when a celebrity appears in a match…they always win…I mean…even Snooki won! I’ll let you think about that for a moment! Snooki…won a WWE Match…sigh

Neville will do most of the work but Amell will get a hit in here and there…you know how WWE are, celebs are invincible in WWE…definitely going with a win for Red and Green Arrow tonight and Stardust and BNB will look ever worse then they did before this horrible feud!

Winner: Celebrities

Kevin Owens vs Cesaro

I love Cesaro, he deserves so much more and a WWE Championship run, he has what it takes and so does Owens…they both will be great stars for WWE but as for tonight, well it looks like it’s more in Owen’s favor to win…well he just lost to Finn Balor…can WWE let him lose twice in one weekend? who knows but I doubt it very much, a win for Owens by dirty means….low blow or something followed up by a power bomb!

Winner: Kevin Owens

Big Show vs Ryback vs Miz

Just let Ryback win…enough said

Winner: Ryback

Divas Tag Team Elimination Match

Again, don’t care so much because this revolution is just a distraction to make us forget that Nikki Bella is about to be the longest reigning Divas Champion of all time! All we will see is tag team matches and one on one matches for the next month and Nikki will overtake A.J so I don’t care about this so called Revolution…HAVE NIKKI DEFEND THE GOD DAMN BELT!!!

Winner: The one Paige is in

Randy Orton vs Sheamus

Really…how and why???? did you not learn from the match they had after WM29? the crowd was quiet and dull throughout it all…til Big Show came out….that says a lot when Show is cheered louder than Orton or Sheamus! this for me will be a toilet break but come on WWE…is this for real?

Winner: Sheamus zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Dolph Ziggler vs Rusev

OH COME ON!!!! Why????? I have lost all hope for Ziggler, ALL HE DOES IS SCREAM IN THE RING!! That’s all he does….his thing with Lana makes no sense! Summer Rae is awful, Why isn’t this a tag team match? and Rusev looks stupid in boots….Ziggler comes back a few days before Summerslam and beats down Rusev…looks like he’ll have a push….then before you know it, he’ll be back in mid card heaven once again…face it guys, DOLPH ZIGGLER WILL NEVER BE WWE CHAMPION AGAIN!

Winner: Ziggler but it won’t mean anything

New Day vs Prime Time Players vs Lucha Dragons vs…Los Matadores

Should be good, back and forth with New Day stealing a win and running on and on for weeks to come…I’d prefer Lucha Dragons to have a run with the belts really, Prime Time after that…then New Day but keep them away from Los Matadores…PLEASE!

Winner: New Day (Sadly)

Roman Reigns/Dean Ambrose vs Wyatt Family

A good match on the cards and it should be so, will Reigns be booed by the New York crowd? Probably but we shall see…I want epic moments from both teams and make it back and forth with many close calls…I want Ambrose on the winning side in this so I’ll be rooting for him, even though I’m a massive Wyatt Fan…I see Shield getting the win at Summerslam but we could see Erik Rowan come out at some point so who knows…but for me…Reigns and Ambrose

Winner: Roman Reigns/Dean Ambrose

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