Well Arsenal have had a Loss, A win and a Draw so far in the Premier League campaign! Kind of a boring game tonight at the Emirates as both teams were unable to break the deadlock. Ramsey had a goal ruled offside even though that’s complete rubbish, he was clearly onside so this should have been a 1-0 win in my opinion however, Liverpool could have won this game 3 or 4-0, if it wasn’t for the great performance of Cech in goal who cleared so many shots, making amends for his home debut against West Ham! Benteke had the best chance and two of Liverpool’s shot’s hit the posts so you could say, Arsenal got off easy tonight! The first half belonged to Liverpool and the second half belonged to Arsenal.

I really believe that we need a new striker in before the Transfer Window closes but…we won’t Wenger just won’t budge because he’s stubborn but we can’t just rely on Giroud all season and with reports that Benzema isn’t coming now…a new striker looks doubtful…a good one anyway…maybe we should try and get Berahino from West Brom? Young, decent scorer….Cavani? I don’t know but it just doesn’t make sense to me when you have a legend like Henry saying that we need new players to bolster the squad and even that’s not enough to get Wenger to dip into his pocket….the fans if they complain…nope…if a cheap deal comes along?? Maybe or if some kid from say Coventry is available, he’ll buy him! I’m sorry but if you don’t add much to your squad then how can you expect to be serious tittle contenders? Yes we have Cech who saved us tonight but that doesn’t make a difference if you don’t score and beat the big teams like Liverpool!

If Wenger had two upfront say Walcott and Giroud then I’d be much happier, with Sanchez and Ozil in the wings as well, feeding the balls through as well as Cazorla…we’d be scoring more! Both sides had chances to win, none took them and we were left with a dull draw, minus Cech’s great saves! We need to beat the big top 6 if we want to win the league, because at the moment, I don’t see us beating City or Chelsea…pre season means nothing! Hell, I doubt we’d beat Man U at this rate…unless we start scoring at home! only winning away will not bring the Title to the Gunners! For me, not the best start to the campaign…needs work!

Man of Match: Petr Cech

Arsenal Points So Far: 4

Next Game: Newcastle (a)

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