This little blog about Autism is going to look at other people that have Autism and pretty much, what is it like to get to know them…is it any different from trying to make friends with someone without Autism? This isn’t meant to insult anyone at all! I have Autism and I have always wondered this, that’s all! It’s just a wonder…I didn’t really meet anyone else with Autism until I was…about 19 I think…could have been 20 and when I say that…I probably met one before that but had no idea that they had Autism! And that annoyed me because for so long, I felt like an alien…one of a kind on a planet full of humans, I was the odd one out and I didn’t get the customs, how to act and stuff like that…It was horrible because I just didn’t understand and a part of me still doesn’t!

I met Two people that had Autism at this age and I was so happy about it! I felt like there were others that will finally understand me, they would get why I go quiet, why I like some time to myself and my odd mannerisms…or so I thought anyway! what I was to see was not all what I was expecting…you see up to that point, I was under the impression that everyone with Autism acted the same and were all exact…I was completely wrong of course!

The two lads had some similarities to me, I mean they could sit in silence at times and enjoy their own company but it was clear that their were many differences between us as well. Hobbies was a big one I reckon, you see I always imagined that people with Autism would like the same things but of course that was not true, far from it!

It was weird at first because all of my expectations were mostly wrong, I kind of felt like I had no idea of what to do…like when it comes to making friends with anyone I’ve just met really…I personally felt like it was a little bit harder to make friends with them because we were all so quiet at the start…felt a little bit awkward at times but alas, over time we spoke a little more and more and before you know it, we did become friends and can still have quiet moments but it was like a different way of communicating for me than what I was used too…I was too used to strong characters all the time that would dominate a conversation, always want to go and do something social and I wouldn’t always want to and many wouldn’t understand just why…it was hard to explain! With these two, it wasn’t as hard to have a conversation, I felt more relaxed about it all and even though we don’t always spend time with each other, I know that we are friends that can rely on one another.

I have probably met many people with Autism over the years and had no idea but when I met those 2 lads, a whole new chapter began for me, it opened my eyes to what I had a little bit more because before hand…most people I knew hadn’t a clue what Autism was and that meant that I didn’t either but meeting the teo of them pushed me in the right direction and to this day, I feel that I’m a lot better off but still have a long way to go yet but one thing that helped me was getting to know others with the same thing as I have

Do you have a friend who has Autism? If so, was it hard at first or did you hit it off straight away? 

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  1. I am an adult with autism. I have a couple of friends who’s children are autistic. I found it easier to relate to them and their children than to other people from the start. This was before I was diagnosed. My comfort with their ways was, in hindsight, an indicator that I was on the spectrum too although I wasn’t aware of that at the time. One day one of the mum’s explained to me that I too did many of the things she saw her son doing. This was a bit of a shock to me at first but became my trigger to test myself and then go to my GP which led, after 6 months of tests and evaluation to a full diagnosis. I think that, although we are all different, we share certain characteristics to some degree or another – e.g. social and communication difficulties, need for alone time, sensory sensitivities etc and sharing those things helps us relax a bit more in each other’s company compared to non-autistic folk. That’s how I feel anyway. 🙂

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