It’s been announced that Sting will be challenging Seth Rollins for the WWE WHC at Night Of Champions by HHH and I imminently was convinced that Sting had no chance in hell of winning the championship, not a single thread of a chance! This has to be the most predictable main event I have heard of in a long time…why would anyone think that Sting will walk out of NOC with the belt??

  • He lost to HHH at Wrestlemania
  • He doesn’t have many matches left

I just don’t see any reason for Sting to be the one to overthrow Seth Rollins nor do I want him to be the one. I’m a Sting Fan but I don’t really want the Championship to go on hiatus with another part timer again who barely wrestles, I think we’ve had enough part timers who have had it recently

  • Rock
  • Brock Lesnar

I’d rather see Kane take the damn thing over Sting or John Cena…I know he’s not in his prime anymore but at least the guy would wrestle every week…or Randy Orton…Roman Reigns or Dean Ambrose…maybe Sheamus cashing in….No I can’t do it…that would be the worst and we all know it’s going to happen eventually! but before Sheamus, I would rather have a Part Timer or Seth to just retain again and again.

Sting isn’t going to win…why would WWE just give him a Championship Run at NOC…why that PPV? I don’t want to Sting to win it then lose it back immediately or go off for a few months…even if he were to win and say hold onto the belt until Wrestlemania and defend it against the Undertaker which won’t happen that way because since there is only one WHC now…the Royal Rumble Winner will do that and I highly doubt Undertaker will win or be in the Royal Rumble Match so either Sting wins and loses it shortly after or Seth Rollins is retaining at NOC, End Of!

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