Karim Benzema is not coming to Arsenal and it appears he has referred Arsenal Fans to’Clowns’ although he didn’t say Arsenal, just people claiming that he is moving to the Premier League and he has made it clear that he wishes to remain at Real Madrid for the foreseeable future!  he said this on his Twitter

For all those clowns who want to make believe things at my fans. Here this is my home !

So Arsenal, if Wenger can be bothered needs to look for another Striker target, like Cavani from PSG? we have been linked with this man all summer long but let’s face it, no one is coming to Arsenal! We are to rely on Giroud as our striker with Sanchez, Ozil and Walcott as well which isn’t a bad thing but Giroud doesn’t score enough to win the league, unlike Aguero for Manchester City!

If you are an Arsenal fan, you know how frustrating a Transfer window can be and no, I’m not ungrateful or haven’t forgotten that we’ve signed Cech, Ozil or Sanchez in the last few seasons….we normally buy one big name whereas you see Chelsea or City buy 3 every window. Arsenal is well known for their Injury curse that plagues us! it’ll happen again and we’ll slip from the summit and probably finish 3rd or 4th again and for Wenger, that will be enough! It’s not enough for me because I know we are only one step from winning the league, just one and we need a DM and a Striker…that’s all we need!! I don’t want Wenger to leave Arsenal, just to admit that he’s wrong on this one! He’s arrogant and ignore’s the advice of a legend, Henry! Winning the F.A Cup twice has given him a delusion that he is back to his former glory days when Arsenal were ‘Invincible’ and winning the league in 2004!

The next week for Gunners will be a frustrating one as we all come to realise that no one is coming to make us stronger, all the players we have now are the ones we must rely on this season, our goal has a great defender in Cech and we have Sanchez and Ozil…just no one worthy of be called a world class striker in front of them! The most frustrating part is that we can AFFORD a Cavani or a Benzema! but if we did that, Wenger’s bed wouldn’t be as stuffed with money as it was before the transfer…he still misses the Ozil money that made his pillow feel that much richer!

It’s going to hurt as we slowly realise the inevitable, Wenger will never change his transfer policy…NO ONE IS COMING to save us!

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