It’s only really just dawned on me this morning that it is now only 365 Days to go until my Wedding Day, just one year to go now until my soul mate becomes my one and only, my wife! it’s like a border that we have just crossed and now we’re going up the final slope to reach the summit of the hill, where the church is…granted it’s still a whole year away but at one point it was 3 years away, so I’ve been waiting for 2 years already, one more won’t be anything because now it gets serious…tonight we start writing Wedding Invites out (that will take a long time) buy stamps and slowly send them all out. It will feel all the more real once we have done that, and as well as that, time goes by so fast…the day will come soon enough so now I feel like we don’t have enough time to get it all ready! so much to do and now theirs only a year to go, it gets a little scary because you know it’s coming…it’s not so far away any more…I still have to hire out suits for me and my groomsmen…I wonder what I’ll look like in my suit…I hope Emma likes it.

Started to write out all of the wedding invites which is a big task in of itself when you realise just how many you have to write out! I’m just glad I still write with pen and paper at times, I shudder to think how future generations will struggle with this simple task when they have their I pads, phones and Laptops to type on instead…it’s going to take me a while to get them all written out and sent off across the country, it’ll be worth it though. She’s worth it…she’s worth the rest of my life…she always has been!

Just One Year Now!!! Wow!!! This time next year, I’ll be married…blows your mind…still have the stag do to sort out as well, I think Tenerife will be a good place to go to. I pray my groomsmen don’t do anything to daft to me!

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