Group A

Paris St-Germain

Real Madrid

Shakhtar Donetsk


Big Talking Point- PSG VS Real Madrid- Can’t wait for this one, sounds like it’ll be a great match and both teams are likely to take 1st and 2nd place in the competition and Shakhtar taking that Europa League spot. PSG will be looking to win the whole thing so it should be interesting to see how far they go this time around!

Group B

PSV Eindhoven

Manchester United

CSKA Moscow

VfL Wolfsburg

Big Talking Point- Manchester United vs PSV- Not the strongest group out of them all, should be easy for Manchester United to finish as the group winners on paper with either Wolfsburg or PSV nicking 2nd place but hey, CSKA did hold City so who knows, maybe they can do the same to Man United!

Group C


Atletico Madrid



My top two teams to progress from this group are going to be Atletico Madrid and Galatasaray with Benfica taking the Europa League place. The match to watch here is Galatasaray vs Atletico Madrid, not much else to say really except that this group is one that 3 out of 4 can win, sorry Astana.

Group D


Manchester City


Borussia Monchengladbach

I’ve been reading comments made by City fans based on this group and I laughed at them all because they just assume they’ll win the whole competition just like that! it will not be so easy to do so when you struggled against CSKA Moscow not so long ago!…Juventus will win this group quite easily and City will scrape 2nd place! and I say scrape because Sevilla and Borussia will push them to the end! For a team that has never made the quarter finals, City sure are confident! But who knows, maybe they will make it this time around! Never say never but I don’t see them winning the whole thing…unless they can eventually get past Barcelona…unless someone else does that for them, if not then City will not win the Champions League

Group E


Bayer Leverkusen

AS Roma

BATE Borisov

Easy here, Barcelona to win this group with 2nd place to be fought out between Roma and Bayer Leverkusen, sorry BATE but it’s not your year but at least you get to go to some good grounds around Europe but unless a miracle happens, your time in this competition is short!

Group F

Bayern Munich



Dinamo Zagreb

Well shit, why am I not surprised that we got a tough group….Not only Bayern Munich which will be a great match but Olympiakos!! We always seem to get them all the time…look it up at how many times we’ve played them in the last few years but personally I think Arsenal can get 2nd place and progress in the competition but Bayern are too strong for us I reckon unless we get lucky!

Group G



Dynamo Kiev

Maccabi Tel-Aviv

Chelsea to top this group rather comfortably here, only Porto should give them any bother at all really but then again, anything can happen but Chelsea will make it to the next round with…Porto taking 2nd place. I don’t see Chelsea screwing up at all in this group at all

Group H

Zenit St Petersburg


Olympique Lyon


Zenit St Petersburg and Valencia to progress here for me with Lyon taking 3rd place, for me this is the most uninteresting group, unless your a fan of any of these teams of course!

Teams to go thorugh to the last 16 and how far I think they’ll go

  • Arsenal (Quarter Finals)
  • Atletico Madrid (Last 16)
  • AS Roma (Quarter Finals)
  • Barcelona (Final)
  • Bayern Munich (Final)
  • Chelsea (Semi Final)
  • Galatasaray (Last 16)
  • Juventus (Quarter Final)
  • Manchester City (Last 16)
  • Manchester United (Last 16)
  • Porto (Last 16)
  • PSG (Semi Final)
  • PSV (Last 16)
  • Real Madrid (Quarter Final)
  • Valencia (Last 16)
  • Zenit St Petersburg (Last 16)

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