I don’t know what Arsenal Fans are so happy about…we’ve been horrible in our first 4 games! Our top scorer is OWN GOAL! Arsenal barely beat Newcastle 1-0…thanks to OWN GOAL!!! what a disgrace to the game…this is not what I was hoping for this season… Wenger doesn’t look like he’s bringing in a decent striker at all so there goes our Tittle Challenge and yes I don’t think Arsenal will be winning the Premier League this season…I mean, what have we really done to show that we have any chance toppling Manchester City? Not a lot at the moment because we don’t look as strong as we normally do, granted we didn’t have Ozil today but that shouldn’t be the reason for that slip in form

  • No Benzema
  • No Cavani
  • No Draxler

Newcastle were down to 10 men for most of the match and we still couldn’t take the game, despite dominating possession but no! An own goal saves Arsenal from blushes as they once again convince the world that we are all talk and no action! We looked set to challenge for the tittle but only bought a world class goalkeeper yet still lack decent firepower upfront. Why would Wenger not want to spend that little bit extra to get a world class striker in? It doesn’t make sense to me because he won’t have a decent chance to win the league without one! Don’t get me wrong…I like Giroud and Walcott but I just don’t like the one lone striker up front, I’d prefer 2 strikers up there to receive the balls from our powerful midfield because they can’t win the league for us all by themselves! What it will take to get Wenger to see that is beyond me…nothing seems to work and I thought Mourinho was stubborn and arrogant…Wenger needs to buy and I know I say that a lot…BECAUSE IT’S TRUE! if you sit there and are an Arsenal fan, thinking we don’t need to then your happy with 4th every year well I want to go even higher and go back to the 2000’s when we could win the League! We have no excuses to not spend anymore…we can’t use the stadium as one anymore!

Newcastle were still good despite that silly red card and were unlucky to not have a point out of this game and I’m angry because normally we dominate a 11 man Newcastle team yet we struggled against a 10 man one! I have to do this but the only saving grace from today apart from the 3 points because despite the way it was done, a win is a win is how Crystal Palace shocked Chelsea 2-1 at Stamford Bridge…don’t think anyone really saw that result coming but it was enough to make me laugh….despite how Arsenal are doing….it’s not as bad as Chelsea’s start to the season…have to find a positive in everything.

I’ll try to find a positive in Wenger cheaping out on a striker yet again…not easy! Hell I wouldn’t be shocked if we had Falcao on loan next season!

Points: 7

Man of Match: Santi Cazorla

Next Game: Stoke…yey

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