What a shame the Summer is going to come to an end in such a wet fashion but the last week or so have been mostly nothing but rain for the UK. After the nice start as well in May, June and July for it to fall apart in August and I’m not complaining about it, it just feels a bit of a shame that we couldn’t go all the way and have a Sunny Summer but one thing I have noticed about the British Summer is it doesn’t really matter if we have 5 weeks of Sun and One week of Rain because people will say that’s a bad summer because it rained a little bit that they’ll have forgotten all about the Sunshine we had…I’ve heard people say a day after rain

”Finally, some sunshine!”

This is after a month of sunshine but nope, a few days of rain and it’s been a bad Summer! it blows the mind sometimes how many people will sound miserable about a small amount of rain, even though July and June were mostly nothing but sunshine and it was very warm so how is that not a good summer exactly?

It won’t stay Sunny for long..miserable weather!”

I’m not sure but it seems to me that no matter what the weather, we Brits will find something to complain about! No idea why but we just do…it’s one of life’s mysteries if you ask me…unexplained because I don’t even think we know why we do it either? Maybe we just like a good moan?! And the weather can always change so suddenly over here it’s hard to keep up sometimes, I don’t know but I think it’s been a nice summer…plenty of sunshine and a bit of rain, a good mix if you ask me because I remember many worse ones from years before so I have no idea what people in England are complaining about!

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