I don’t know, I just feel Blue…and a tad Yellow today…no idea why, I just do…do I need a reason to feel like a certain colour or two? No? I didn’t think so you judgmental person you! Here I am writing a blog on the internet for random strangers around the globe to read and all you can do is judge the title of the darn thing…yes I feel a tad yellow, I can throw Green in their as well if you like? May I get you something to drink? No…well ok but don’t say that I never offered you one when you get to the end of this…here I am trying to be polite but you decline my generosity of giving you a free drink…the word free is not in the drink but out of the goodness of my heart to think that you might be getting quite thirsty but never mind that! we’ll ignore that your a rude individual for now!

It’s not strange to feel like a colour, not at all…I love feeling blue and no I’m not depressed or sad…I just like the feeling of the colour, what you think that’s strange? Why should I care if you think that it’s strange…you find anywhere in the world where you can’t feel like a colour and I’ll admit defeat to you almighty rude person…coming on this blog, judging my title and making me feel small because I feel like a colour and you declined my offer of a drink which would have been free! Ok so it would have only been tap water but that’s not the point, it was a kind gesture for tap water…lovely tap water and you said no…oh why, because you can get your own tap water and read this blog at the same time…I had no idea you had magical abilities, are you Harry Potter by chance? No then why should I care about your opinion, it’s not like you care about mine…here I am writing this blog that you couldn’t care a bit about, well I didn’t force you to click on this…you made that call!

Unbelievable that I said I felt yellow…I don’t really call for feeling Yellow, not my favorite colour, reminds me of mustard…I hate mustard, too much of a kick for my taste buds! But I can’t help but feel it today…good thing I feel Blue as well…now that’s a colour…reminds me of…well Blue…oh very funny so I couldn’t come up with something to use as an example well aren’t we all high and mighty now! This is my blog and you have made me feel like I wasted my time…spreading my blue and yellow feelings worldwide and you stomped all over the happiness of it all! I’m so glad you said no to that water because I feel like throwing it at you, you…person!

Ok, maybe I was wrong…and maybe I went a bit too far…I’m a little yellow you see and think before I act sometimes….but Blue showed me the way to my errors and I see properly again! and for my misjudgment, I shall give you that glass of water that you so rudely turned down say oh about 400 words ago but don’t say that I wasn’t a polite blogger to you, I gave you my fullest attention…I hope you appreciated it. Now I’m quite tired…it’s hard feeling blue and yellow…can I have some of that water?


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