I live with a partner who is a gold member at Weight Watchers and this is a little story of the journey we both went through as she aimed to slim down and I would watch a transformation becoming a slight obsession to keep the pounds off, yet still eat her favorite foods as others would look at her as if she was crazy for talking about takeaways and such along the way. It would be a challenge that would affect us both in more ways than one.

It was very hard to begin with, things changed almost straight away for us once she began her program. One example I can think of straight way would be how she would pro-point everything she would eat and I mention this first off because this was the issue that dominated everything food wise in our lives from then on out! At home, or even beyond that, it would never be limited to our four walled house as if we had a take away or went out to a restaurant, she would try to pro point it all and would have a small meltdown if she was unable to, halting everything until she was able to know just how many points she would be spending on a pasta dish or if she had any spare over…she might treat herself somewhat. At one point, we were having a takeaway a week and at times, Emma would still lose weight…she does exercise on Wii Fit and does a lot of walking, not as much as me but it’s enough! What she lacks at times is willpower though but many do and I’ll be with her every step of the way.

The pro pointing at one point became a nightmare because it held everything up, all our meals, takeaways every now and then…shopping would be delayed because Emma needed to point it all and she would separate foods into bags and have them as set meals, which is fine and dandy for her but my meals would be affected as well which I didn’t always mind but you’d have to watch her get panicky and upset over it sometimes so she wouldn’t go wrong! it would cause stress between us both sometimes as I just wanted to have my food sometimes and just eat but oh well, it was going to happen whether I liked it or not!

For someone on the other side, her partner who did not do Weight Watchers at all, it looked strange at first because it looked like an obsession to lose weight, despite me always telling her that she has never needed to shed a stone off, she’s always been perfectly sized, I mean I am just under 13 stone and she has always weighed less than me, in fact I think the biggest she’s been when she’s been with me is around 11 stone and that’s not bad at all a she’s never looked big, quite slim if you ask me so it bewildered me at first as to why she would feel the need to join in the first place but she was determined and it was up to her, I just had no idea how much of a change was coming. For me, I look out for my own weight and jog regularly, I won’t pretend I’m a saint when it comes to my 5 a day at all but for me, going to a group and getting weighed every week wouldn’t do anything for me, not at all but it is for Emma and I respect that, although some people do need to lighten up and understand that you can treat yourself at times and it’s not a sin to be a little naughty sometimes.

After a while, the pounds would disappear from Emma and she would reach her goal weight and she was delighted about it! I was so proud of her for reaching 9.5! yet it was a disguise in a sense as the next step would be to maintain and not go to far down or go back to how she was before which was challenge in of itself really because I noticed how she struggled to do this a lot more than losing the weight to begin with! I would watch her go up one week and come back down the next, her stress levels increased sometimes but as well as that, others told her that she would no longer need to obsess over pro points anymore because she was a gold member….news flash, if you put weight back on…you have to start paying again so that’s what happened, she relaxed too much because she got to her goal but went back up after a year or so and now she has half a stone to lose now.

Bless her though because she has done so well with her changes and she worries so much about her weight when I don’t think she needs to as much because I know she has what it takes to easily lose it again and I don’t care if some think she’s too confident or laid back about it, her system works for her and that’s all that matters, you don’t join a group like this and stress out because someone else is losing the weight…that’s not what you pay for…you pay for your own weight so focus on that. Sorry, I just get a little protective over her sometimes, I love her after all and would never want anyone to make her feel bad about anything, I’m not having a go or anything, don’t worry…I just want her to see that she has nothing to be afraid off and she needs to believe in herself that bit more and it’s a challenge to watch and observe someone lose weight and then be scared that it’ll come back because I personally thought Emma wanted to many takeaways and such myself when I first moved in with her, I would tell her maybe once in a while for a treat or something and that’s what we will do from now on .

What is challenging for me I guess is the change in her that I saw, the desperation in her to drop the weight for whatever reason she had…like I said, to me she has never been big at all, always in a healthy weight but she keeps telling herself that she needs Weight watchers or she’ll go off the wagon and gain weight again and even though I tell her that probably wouldn’t happen, she enjoys the group as it motivates her so I always decide that it’s her life so it’s her call to make, bless her.

One thing that puzzles me is how she ever felt the need to go because she never looks big and she does at times have takeaways and meals out, well for me everyone is different and some people just don’t gain weight as fast as others do..Emma is one of these people! I will always stand by her in her fight and I hope she can go on to inspire others in their weight wars!

My Fiance’s blog can be found here, feel free to read and follow her daily blogs in her battle against weight! https://myweightwatchersstory.wordpress.com/2015/08/30/do-what-works-for-you/

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