Ok, so now it appears that last night, the transfer of David de Gea did not go through as expected?! something to do with paperwork not arriving to La Liga on time…me thinks Man United did not send it on time and caused a delay for Real Madrid to send theirs…resulting in the likely event that a delay will not be happening, which means that De Gea will remain a Man United player, albeit a very unhappy one because its like a bitter move by United here…was it done on purpose? If so then why would you do that when his contract ends at the end of the season and he’ll just go for free…Man United won’t get 29 million or Navas so if it was on purpose, it’s one of the stupidest things I have ever heard of…what kind of s shambles has that club become now?! it’s a joke…no one fears Man U anymore, no disrespect but Swansea sure as hell don’t fear going to play Man U anymore!

And what for De Gea? will he play for a club that he clearly doesn’t want to be at anymore or will he sit on the bench for a season and go for free? How will Man U fans react to this news? A player that doesn’t want to be there anymore still at the club that will more than likely either leave in January or next summer…who knows but I’d be annoyed because this has the feeling of bitterness and immaturity from United for what ever reason…if Chelsea had the balls to sell Cech to bitter rivals Arsenal, then what’s Van Gaal’s pathetic excuse for sending the paperwork so late?

I’m not a United Fan by any means but I feel bad for the fans because he’s kind of…ruining your club…how much are you really paying for Anthony Martial? No Pedro, Neymar, Muller, Ramos…sure you got some players in but apart from one good game, Depay isn’t doing that much, neither is Schneiderlin so has it really been a good summer for you guys…you still play like you did last season and you have a disgruntled keeper who wants out…Rooney is hit and miss and you have the 2nd most stubborn manager on the planet!

Good luck this season, you’ll need it!

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