Today was a good achievement for me today as I completed my 10K app this evening after 14 weeks of constant long jogs and may I say how fantastic I feel right now to have achieved this accomplishment this evening because this time last year, I would get tired if I ran for 10 minutes, let alone an hour but here and now…I can quite easily run for an hour without stopping for a rest, I put so much time and effort into getting from A to B and I can now say I’ve done both couch to 5k and 10k programs and have completed them both and I feel so much better for doing that. My fiance attempted to do the same but I think she would rather prefer to just jog on the Wii Fit instead…I used to do that but I find that a jog outside is a lot better than running on the spot!

At first I would just run through the town’s local park and back for a couple of weeks which was pretty good for me as it was uphill one way and down the next, until I would change the run and go further around the outskirts of town and about back home but soon enough, even that would not be enough so I extended my run from my home to a nearby village about a mile away where I would run to for about a month and that was pretty tricky as well but worth the challenge, I mean if it was easy then it wouldn’t be worth it, right? It felt strange running about the countryside on a single pathway alongside a busy road, you would have to move to the side or onto the road if someone was walking in the opposite direction, just how much quieter it all is really to going for a run about town. The real challenge would be to keep going without needing a break in between, say 3 minutes of walking than running then so on and so forth. My Apps would tell me to have small breaks…which I would do…well it told me to and I just thought…best do what it says. Eventually though, I would have to run all the way and back without stopping once which terrified me at first but because of all the runs and training I had done in the weeks beforehand, I found that I could go on and on and on, it felt great that I could run all the way up the giant hill and have some left in the tank to keep going, even though I would still feel  a tad out of breath but I would quickly catch it again and continue on.

The first time I ran from one town to another, the whole round trip was 6 miles long and it involved quite a few steep hills which for so many years were my worst enemy when it came to running and the first time I made the climb on the biggest one…the one that looked like it stretched higher and higher beyond, I remember feeling so exhausted at the halfway point…it was horrible because I knew I still had a way to go and this was when I didn’t know how long the route was or if their would be anymore hills…I just ran for a certain amount of time before stopping for a minute then carried on, its how it would be for many weeks! I could feel my stamina getting better as the weeks went by, how I could run even longer than before and not get so tired as quickly so when I reached 5K I changed my route once more and would run to another village a few more miles away and it would entail a very thin road with speeding motors, steep hills and various weird noises that would scare anyone at night time…ok so it was mostly just cows and sheep and all but when you’re concentrating on running up a giant hill or along one of various twists and turns on the country road, a cow loudly mooing isn’t what you want to hear!

I would run in strong rain, in the darkest nights, hailstones, and glorious sunshine or perhaps a bit of them all on one run….true story but that’s British weather for you! I would often come back home drenched! All for exercise and achievements though and it was all worth it because now I have completed it and I shall keep jogging like before because it’s a hobby and something to do if I’m annoyed or upset about something and if I ever want some time to myself as well! but now that I have reached the end of it all, I think I may go even further and go for the Half Marathon App which sounds like a fun challenge!

More Soon

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