Ok, I’ve had a couple of days to have a good old think about how I should feel about Arsenal’s performance in the transfer window this year…or lack you could say? After only purchasing Petr Cech from Chelsea for around £10 Million pounds, Arsenal decided that was enough and they did not sign any outfield players…the only team from the top 5 leagues in Europe to not do so…isn’t that something to be proud of? First off, I was furious…absolutely furious that we had failed to persuade any striker to come to our club and I first thought that Wenger was just being cheap, that he couldn’t be bothered to spend that little bit extra on a striker that could make us more powerful up front ! Benzema and Cavani…we failed…horribly with them but surely there were other strikers throughout the world that we could have signed! Why didn’t we go for Martinez? Lewandowski? Doumbia? Bacca? Charlie Austin? Hell, Papiss Cisse, Dzeko or Mahrez! no one and no I’m not desperate but we couldn’t get anyone!

Martial-nvoManchester United bought Anthony Martial for around 36 million but it is said that the price will jump up even higher! Yes, they got a striker but it’s a huge gamble, he’s 19 and if he flops..that’s more money than was spent on Fernando Torres…or it could be! Would Arsenal Fans have been happy if we did that? Or would we have just moaned and complained five months down the line if he flopped? I can understand that Wenger has faith in his players and that he believes that Arsenal can win the league and I respect that but I’m terrified about the usual curse that comes up with Arsenal every single season…injuries…we get so many injuries each season and I thought if we get a few players in to cover up the holes in the line then we could overcome that this season but we did not and now I just know that before long, someone like Sanchez or Giroud will get hurt and we’ll be weak up front! Then Arsenal fans will complain that we should have bought in the Transfer Window and Wenger will just shrug his shoulders! This is a video from Arsenal Fan TV that pretty much explores both sides of positive and negative when it came to our performance in the Transfer Window this year! 

LONDON, ENGLAND - MARCH 01:  Goalkeeper David Ospina of Arsenal celebrates during the Barclays Premier League match between Arsenal and Everton at Emirates Stadium on March 1, 2015 in London, England.  (Photo by Paul Gilham/Getty Images)

I have calmed down since and I understand that Wenger did try! I know he did but I can’t help but feel disappointed that we couldn’t get anyone in, even though Charlie Austin was available! Why him? He’s a good striker, not too expensive and Wenger would have had a defense….I did sign a striker! he could have said but now hes open to abuse from angry Arsenal fans and to be honest, I can understand why they are so angry…I sort of am as well because we made such a big deal about us challenging for the tittle this year yet only bought a goal keeper that had a horrible debut! Apparently we are good enough to challenge, even though this same squad finished 3rd last season! where is the sudden jump coming from then?! Cech saving us points…your assuming City will screw up big time or Chelsea won’t bounce back! Or that we wont suffer injury after injury…WE ARE PLAYING A MASSIVE GAMBLE! Arsenal fans that are happy that we have enough…I just don’t see how we can challenge when we didn’t last season with the same set of players apart from Cech! And I think in the next few months, your minds will be changed…we won’t win the league this season…I’m more sure of that then I have been all year-long! I had hope before the Transfer Window…I believed but I just feel that Wenger didn’t show the same belief…he’s just being his usual arrogant self…like he has been for 10 years! and once again…people are falling for it! it won’t be long until we have scenes like this  

or this 

It looks set to be either a massive positive for us or a huge failure! And if we blow it…I bet you anything that Wenger will still be around and not spending once again…unless the player he wants is available that will just end up going to Spain, Italy or Chelsea instead!

Still though, Arsenal Fan for life…just a realistic one! If we end up winning the league…I’l admit I was wrong and won’t say another negative thing about Wenger, I will call the man a genius if we pull it off or I’ll call him a fool if we don’t! Good Luck Arsenal!

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