Behold, I am here…right in front of you on your computer screens and it appears that I have already bothered you in some way! Oh to be a blogger, what a thing to be indeed! What’s that, your confused? Whatever for? is it weird that I accused you of being annoyed without a decent reason for doing so? Well you see, I am very bored and I thought I would just write down whatever came into my head and type it on here…cheese pickles with a drink of Cranberry and Banana juice with a gherkin on the side! maybe I can go out to a swamp in wherever, catch a frog and have frog legs for dinner? Too barbaric perhaps? well I don’t know how to cook them so that’d just be cruel…well I did just go to France recently! speaking of was mighty hot there…so many people trying to sell dodgy merchandise…unreal really but hilarious at times because they would never give up…I told one man I had in interest in a handbag with the Eiffel tower on but he would not listen, I had to run away and into the Metro to escape where you always see the cities population of rats down there and everyone hopping over the ticket barriers with no one stopping them at all! what a world! So many tourists…baffles me as to how many people their really are in this world….so many neighbors we all have!

Was Shakespeare a man or a woman? Who cares, I really like Macbeth, my favorite play by the writer…so much death and deception even though it’s based of a real monarch called Macbeth who killed Duncan on the battlefield, not in his bed! then again, it’d be boring if they wrote it exactly how it happened in real life, is that why all reality TV is fake as hell? X Factor is just so fake…why do I still watch that rubbish, Cheryl sucks and who the hell is Nick Grimshaw…no idea clearly…the news full of death and people’s suffering, still waiting to hear that story of a fireman saving a cat from a tree! I want to feel Orange a little bit, I like Oranges…although I don’t like the seeds! I prefer Apples…oh wait, seeds! Bananas it is! used to hate them but I’m ok with them now…why am I doing this, this must appear so weird to you…just writing whatever I feel like and not giving a toss what I write down! I’m that bored I guess and writers block is a pain so we’ve established why! Boredom…pure boredom…anything to get away from Maria Menounos…can’t stand her on TV, so self centered and the camera always has to focus on her…just watched a Bar Rescue with her on…walked out in frustration because 9/10 shots were close ups of her! It’s WWE all over again! Go away! or at least stop stealing the spotlight you ego maniac! Why oh why is it always raining…sunny then rain then sunny then rain, MAKE UP YOUR MIND! do I need a coat on today or not! This week is a little up and down…all over the place and so random…maybe that’s why I’m bored today…why I’m wasting your time with this stuff…Cheese Pickles…how silly!

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