Whatever possessed a man to place birds inside of a pie, then eat it?? No idea but it’s happened…many times…seems weird to you and me but in Tudor times, it was common to slaughter birds and place them within crust…oh sorry, I’m blogging…no idea where that came from, just seems weird why when today you can get Apple Pie, Cherry, Meat and Potato, etc…that you’d want Pigeon Pie or Pheasant Pie…just sounds strange to me! Very strange indeed!! Speaking of strange, people disappearing…I love researching them and just wondering how on earth people do it and whether they do it on purpose or they are kidnapped against their will, yet the thought of someone being able to just vanish out of life like that seems to surreal to me, I mean absolutely disappear, likely to never be seen again…how does that happen? You go out shopping for those eggs that you really need one day and just like that BAM! Kidnapped and you never get those eggs! You never get back home either to tidy up that mess you made before your partner gets back but why? Why are people kidnapped? It’s such a mystery really because it seems so hard to find them and it can happen to anyone at anytime and that’s terrifying really…really are some messed up people on this planet…then again some people do it on purpose…aren’t kidnapped but choose to go missing for whatever reason they screwed up in life because going missing will make it all better? No idea why but so much to do and it only takes 1 or 2 things to go wrong and  that’s it! Why do it?

Not only people but objects go missing as well! Amelia Earhart’s plane…gone….many planes over the last few years have vanished as well….makes you not wanting to board a plane anywhere! It’s a big planet and every year, many things and people go missing on it…just a thought really but it’s fascinating because it seems so unreal that it can really go missing that no one can find them or it! How does this happen people and we even have a Bermuda Triangle where ships and planes just vanish….portal to another dimension anyone? either that or a giant rock that everything just crashes into and sinks into the sea!

11986485_10153729862396019_4055125645114630526_nBehold, I have a Polar Bear in my fruit bowl…what, you don’t? Well you should, it’s the latest fad to have a Polar Bear guarding your fruit at all times….you never know who will come along and take them from you! You think that’s weird…well your just jealous that I have a super cool Polar Bear to guard my fruit and you don’t so take that! Honestly, you people are so judgmental today….I show you a simple Polar Bear and you all go nuts!  Well I will not stand for this…I won’t you see…it’s disgusting that you would say such comments about Clarence…yeah, that’s right, he has a name…Clarence and he has a fondness for Birds Eye! Not Pigeon Pie though, that’s just weird!

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