Why do I enjoy Blogging so much? What is it that makes me want to write about so much that happens in my daily life each and every day…why do you people even care, I bet many think when they blog? Will people care?

I started writing back in February and to be honest, I first thought that I would have packed it in by April…I just felt like I would try…no one would want to read it and I would just give it up and do something else but so far…I find that it would be very hard to ever do that…I love writing an awful lot…very much in fact…I made it past 100 followers and I was very happy about that fact, even though you see other people who have been doing this for a bit longer…say a few more years and have over 15,000 followers! Whether I would ever get that many, I don’t know but it would be amazing to know that 15,000 people would be reading what I was writing….that’s what all writers want, don’t they? I would love that and I will continue to keep writing and hopefully either make you smile, laugh or just wonder what the hell you’ve just read! Either way, you’ve taken your time to have a read of my writings and that makes me happy! Very happy….at the moment, if I get to a 100 views a day, I’m very happy!

What do I think it takes to be good at blogging? Well I reckon you need to want it for a start! You have to have a passion to want to write something like a blog or a story! That definitely helps. Also, a certain subject to focus on, something that you know very well and have a great knowledge in, for example if you Horse Ride, then you could do a blog about that! Or Football, Gaming or if you write a story…all fantastic ideas that would work if the writer is knowledgeable and shares fantastic tips, stories and other experiences in them! I have Autism so occasionally write about my experiences in living with it, it’s not easy but I have enough stories and experiences with it to write many novels! To also read other people’s blogs as well is an amazing experience as well because you can see what other people are doing, their experiences and share them, comment about them and make other people happy as well…Blogging is such a wonderful thing…I feel like I will be writing into my senior years and beyond if I can! I will never stop…If I can keep writing on WordPress say 40 or 50 years into the future or beyond that then I will, happily!

May we all share and create joy for readers worldwide to enjoy for years to come!

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