no_mondaysOh dear god, it’s here once again..that horrible day that no one welcomes to the front door, ever! That horrible first day after your weekend…Monday….I hate Mondays…never really liked them and I have no idea why…it just sucks, I mean it’s the first day of the week! the first day after the weekend and it just…I don’t know…it just sucks….bad, like a bad cheese pickle! I woke up this morning with a scowl on my face…I always do on a Monday….everything starts again and the weekend just seems so far away at the time….you just want the day to end as quickly as possible so at least Tuesday is a little bit closer to Friday!

Theirs a reason why Garfield hates Mondays! why we all wish it was the weekend again but you know it’s so far away, like a year until Christmas, Saturdays feel that far away on a Monday morning! When you wake up on this morning and suddenly realise what day of the week it is…you feel a bad feeling in your stomach and all the good feelings you were feeling before is suddenly gone! you want to go back to sleep but you know you can’t, Monday is here and you have to go through the day, whether you want to or not!

  • Hiroshima was Bombed on a Monday!
  • Apparently, more people commit suicide on a Monday!
  • And have Heart Attacks!
  • More People are late for work on Mondays!
  • Bob Geldof’s song I Don’t Like Mondays
  • Black Monday
  • Monday just sucks, End Of!

So relax and pray that Tuesday comes along sooner, rather than later!

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