On a day as foggy and slightly moody as this one, it’s good to look back and think of something cheerful so you can put a smile on your face! Or at least it’s foggy up where I am in the world….very in fact…I imagine the evening that I am going to have with some friends tonight as we go bowling and have a meal out before some go off to University and the rest go back to their jobs, until we meet up again I presume at Christmas time! That makes me happy because the occasions are always special, you see your friends and hang out, have a meal together, a games night or even just sit and talk…it means a lot because you’ve known these people for years now…you’ve been through so much  so you treasure, you create new memories and you remember it always!

Do you have some people that you can do this with, ones that you don’t see everyday but when you do, it’s always special?

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