God save the Queen! May she long reign over us! Elizabeth The 2nd is now officially Britain’s longest reigning monarch! beating the record set by Queen Victoria so long ago and continues to make a new record, one that may never be broken by another Monarch, who knows! if so then I’ll be a very old man if it is ever broken or it’ll happen long after we are gone. Here are the listings for the Top 10 longest Reigns in the British Isles and yes, Elizabeth’s reign will get higher as time goes on but as of the writing of this blog, it’s where it currently is.

  1. Queen Elizabeth 23,227 Days
  2. Queen Victoria  23,226 Days
  3. King George III 21,644 Days
  4. James VI of Scotland 21,066 Days
  5. Henry III of England 20,483 Days
  6. Edward III of England 18,410 Days
  7. William I of Scotland 17,892 Days
  8. Elizabeth I of England 16,198 Days
  9. Llywelyn of Gwynedd 16,172 Days
  10. David II of Scotland 15,235 Days

Other Notable Rulers

  • Henry VIII 13,793 Days
  • Charles I 8708 Days
  • William The Conqueror 7562 Days
  • Richard III 787 Days

She sure has beaten a lot of famous names on the list, in fact she has beaten them all! The longest Male to rule over Britain was George III and he was pretty much insane. The Tudor Monarch Henry VIII ruled for around 38 Years and our first Monarch William I ruled for 20! Congratulations to Elizabeth for this accomplishment, may you rule for many years more!

I thought I’d finish this blog with a nice little song about the English Monarchs, it’s quite catchy and you get all the Monarchs from William I to Liz herself 

Enjoy and God Save The Queen!

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