I was scared about today’s game to be honest, I never enjoy playing against Stoke at all…not one bit but after two goals from Walcott and Giroud, Arsenal fans can relax and enjoy 3 points well earned at the Emirates this afternoon. 

Let’s hope that the Wenger Out Fans  remain silent today, we won and that’s what matters in the end! Good win against Stoke and with Chelsea losing, it’s been a great day if your an Arsenal Fan!

Luckily, Own Goal was absent today and just when I was thinking of getting a shirt with the name on the back as well! Oh well…It’s good to see A Gooners name on the scoresheet once again and this will surely give the lads the confidence they need to go on against Chelsea next Saturday and there isn’t a better time to play them!

Wenger so far has shown that his transfer policy was best as two forwards scored today, the quality of the squad was more or less shown! No complaints…unless your a Stoke fan.

Come on Arsenal!!

Man of Match: Ozil 

Next Game: Chelsea

Points: 10 

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