Jose’s bus is non exsistant! What a shocker by Everton to defeat Chelsea 3-1 and have Chelsea possibly 11 points behind Manchester City by the end of the day! Who really saw this coming at the start of the season? Be serious, I bet not many people!

Steven Naismith will be all smiles as his hat tricked destroyed the Chelsea Bus and left them humiliated and laughed at by Fans around the country today! Can Chelsea possibly fight back from this or is it really now too late? It’s still September but unless City really make a mess of things, I don’t see the championship returning to Stamford Bridge this season!

The Chelsea defenders didn’t do their jobs and are all over the place! Naismith had a field day today! Falcao came on for Pedro and when I think about subs, Chelsea really shot themselves in the foot today by injuring Besic which led to Naismith coming on!

By no means will Jose be sacked but he needs to sort this out now! Arsenal is the perfect opportunity to get a win but to lose to them would really run up Jose the wrong way! It should be a fantastic game next weekend! As for today, it’s a long way home for Chelsea fans…wondering what excuse Jose has for the world this time but it ain’t a fake result….it’s real and this is HAPPENING!! 

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