In the darkness of that shattered courtyard, amongst the broken cobbles of the ground, I lie battered and broken after our bloody battle, gasping for the sweet embrace of the air, only to be barely able to open my eyes and gaze up towards the night sky. The dripping rain splashing upon my blood stained cheeks but none washes away, a constant reminder of what you did to me…you bastard! How dare you do this to your emperor, your superior in every way…bettered by a commoner who isn’t fight to wipe my backside, let alone defeat me in combat!

I look to my side and see you not too far away, stood looking down on me, victorious…the mere sight of you makes me want to vomit…you were always a righteous and good hearted man, speaking of freeing the country of my tyranny and evil…I hated you so much for your words and your actions…how dare you storm my palace and take on my guards! Your filth and class doesn’t deserve to grace my servants doorway, let alone the main hall of my kingdom! Many were slaughtered on this day and many mens blood is on your hands just as much as mine… how can you call yourself a better man than I? All are perished and bodies line the corridor, all are dead but us but what will you do to me oh mighty savior, will you strike me down and emerge the true victor?

You move towards me, sword in hand, rain clattering against your armor and stand over me, your expression is one of disgust…you mourned your friends, the ones I took sweet delight in was oh such fun to slice their necks with my weapon…the blood dripping down and their last screams for you to help them….delightful and it sent you over the edge…you snapped and begged for me to stop but you just spurred me on for my most dastardly act….how was it for you to be helpless as I decapitated your lovely wife’s head clean of her shoulders in front of your very eyes? Did it hurt to see that? I laughed in your face and made a joke of it but you lunged for me, you destroyed my finest soldiers in a fit of rage and came face to face with your master and caught me off guard!

You had slain me and I was helpless on the ground….the last blockade to your victory yet…you have not finished your task…I still breathe commoner so do your pathetic duty and slay me, I shall die but remain famous throughout this world for what I have done…will they remember you? you go to strike but…hesitate, you bite your lip and struggle within to stab me…after a brief struggle, you yell and throw your weapon down….tears pour down your face and I grin manically.

‘What’s wrong fool…strike me down and claim your victory!’ I scream

‘No…I’m not like you…I don’t kill for fun….besides….you’ve been humiliated enough…why kill you when I can spare you so you can live with the fact that a commoner bested you on this day!’

My blood began to boil….how dare he not kill me…I am the Emperor, the most powerful man in the world…I have had millions slaughtered without blinking an eye and this worm can’t muster the strength to finish one man, he truly is pathetic.

‘Live with the shame your highness, keep it bottled up and never bother anyone again!’

With that said, he turned and began to slowly walk away…he was really going to just leave me there…still breathing…no, this cannot be…I will not be bettered by him, he is not a better man than me. I am his master and this is not how this story ends…a low life will not tell me what to do! I am mighty and he…is not so he shall learn…he will learn what happens when you mess with your emperor!

I rush to my aching feet and grab his sword, running towards him in a mad fury, ready to strike the final blow, he would be bettered by his superior, I WILL WIN!

But as I swung and without looking at me, he dodged my attack, pulled out a small dagger from beneath his cloak and he slashed my throat open, I collapsed back to the ground, blood pouring out…yet still he would not finish me off…instead, he would leave me to suffer a slow and painful end….

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