This was a weird one for me and it’s not for the reason that you think it may be..well it wasn’t straight away anyway but here goes! the year is 2014, me and my fiance have literally just returned from our Summer Holiday in Italy and as we get back into her Aunt’s house, we are told that her Aunt and Uncle have found a small house to live in a few minutes up the road and that we could live here. Now that sounds like it’s good news, doesn’t it? Well it was and it sort of wasn’t as well because

  1. We were caught off guard, having just come back from our holiday
  2. We assumed we wouldn’t be living together until 2015
  3. We only had about a month until they moved out
  4. We needed to get jobs quickly!

It was all so much to take in and we had to take it in quickly! I left the next morning and informed my family off this and they were happy for me, albeit surprised that it was happening so quickly and they also said that I needed to go for a job as soon as possible. This was all down to be caught off by surprise and then my Autism kicked in which just made me worry even more about the whole situation, mainly because jobs weren’t something you could just walk into and I had to take into consideration the location of where we would be living and how many places were actually hiring…soon enough, I applied for jobs, left, right and center although I wasn’t so confident, regarding my Autism and being hired…it’s easy to not believe in yourself when you think no one will give you a chance because you have something…I’ve always thought this world is very judgmental and harsh in that department!

My family said apply for everywhere…even those places that most people really wouldn’t want to work unless they were absolutely desperate, sadly…I was so I ended up to Work at McDonalds…you can read about it at the highlighted link, it was quite the experience! The point is that I had a job, even though it’s probably not what anyone wants to do once you go through University but needs must…I’m sure we’d all love to get that high paying job! and luckily as well, Emma was able to find one at a local cafe as well. With that out of the way, I guess it was really just moving my stuff over to the house and accepting that I was moving house…Emma was going nowhere…it was me that was doing all of the moving! I had left home before to go to University but that was different because I would eventually go back and live there again…this time, I was taking my life to another place and staying there…the feeling was strange and scary as well because it can be a make or break situation for a couple…I was praying for a make.

It’s funny…families can annoy you at the best of times but you soon discover just how important they really are to you the minute you don’t live with them anymore…you don’t see their faces around everyday and you really only see them once a week, if that! a new place to get used to, a new job…it’s all so much to get used to…August 2014 to September 2014 was the busiest space of time I’ve ever had to get so much done but it transformed us to becoming a proper couple and now a year has past and we are completely used to living with one another and it’s nice….this place is my home now and I can see us being here for a long time…we love each other and that’s what we really need in this world…even if I never get that high paying job…I have Emma and that’s all that really matters to me…being happy.

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