Sorry Ziggler fans but he just is never going to be that guy! Forever trapped in mid card hell for the rest of his career? Don’t believe me? Do you really think Ziggler is seen in the same light as Rollins, Reigns, Lesnar, Wyatt, Cena etc? Are you kidding me…bad on the mic and injury prone…well concussion but it changed everything for him, that and there is only one World Championship in WWE now and Ziggler only held the 2nd best one…even after Survivor Series, he botched up the 1st night with a bad promo…basically just saying that he stole the show…so what?! We all know you only won because of Sting, who by the way is above you in the pecking order!

And now…he’s stuck in an awful feud with Rusev but that’s not bad…the romance part involving Lana and Summer Rae is what makes this awful…both guys deserve better but this meaningless love square brings them both down…personally, I don’t care if Lana ever wrestles, she’s gone stale on me…not interested anymore…not when we have Sasha Banks and Charlotte changing things for Divas instead….nor Summer Rae, their are a lot more talented Divas on the roster, I won’t lose any sleep over them but Ziggler and Rusev should be able to have a match without one of those two getting involved! WWE had their chance with Lana but that ship has long since sailed and sunk and sadly it looks set to continue for a little bit longer…who did Ziggler annoy backstage?

You can’t expect Ziggler to ever be the man any just won’t happen in the current WWE…heck Kane has a better chance of being champion then Ziggler does….Big Show does…Ziggler will never get there yet fans will always say…this will be Ziggler’s year and I just laugh every time I hear it…he doesn’t even deserve it…he is not the complete package…he’s like Mr Kennedy…more talk then bite…More Rick Martel…less Curt Henning now with Ziggler and this latest feud just summed up what WWE really sees in Ziggler….straight to DVD movie and mid card meaningless feud just so he wrestles somebody because lord knows WWE won’t put a belt on the man!

Sorry Ziggler but you’ve shown the world what you have and got little in return…sad but true fans…if you still think he’ll be WWE WHC one day then who knows…I waited 10 years to see Kane win the WHC and it was one of the best WWE moments for me…maybe Ziggler will get there…in 2020 or something?!

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