The actual performances were awesome, the whole building looked crazy…like a bunch of students just said, screw it…we’ll live where we learn! And we all just moved into the Milton Building and well..slept in the classrooms and corridors because screw paying rent every week for rooms with broom cupboard bathrooms and paper thin walls! Apart from those little details of student accommodations for first years, their rubbish if you were wondering! The final performances of the year were important and apparently the most fun students have the entire 3 years they have in Drama and with the rehearsals and practices we had done up to this point, I was inclined to agree with this!

My groups corridor was small, uncomfortable and very hot indeed, well it would be with all the walls filed up with rubbish bags to make it look more gloomy and depressing, I even think we had a shopping trolley as well…can’t remember if the Drama Department just happened to have one backstage or we got it from somewhere…never mind, it added to the effect…as did the sleeping bags.

The first night arrived and we all were prepared, the nut house that is! And having the general public wandering through the building was weird enough but when your led down on a hard floor, in a sleeping bag and having to perform a piece around them was even weirder…one thing that happened with me was that I accidentally rolled over with my eyes closed and bumped into someone and scared the life out of them…they jumped up and moved quickly away down the corridor and I could see some of the other performers struggling to not break out of character…oh well, mistakes happen but I think it was because it was very dark and they couldn’t see me that well at the time!

I found our piece to be quite creepy because of the sounds we were also making, some were doing a little chant, one was singing a song, one would play an instrument like a triangle I think it was and the other just sounded crazy, yeah it was uncomfortable to be in there for as long as I was, can’t imagine what it was like for everyone else though. Every now and then, we would leave that space and either go to our other performance or turn into our characters and wander about the building for a bit. My character was like a butler, you know the kind you used to lock in the freezer on Tomb Raider 3…just more movable and I spoke, holding doors open for people and being polite…that kind of stuff.  It was terrifying all of this for me…I think I get scared around so many people at once…man I sometimes did ask why I came to University if I felt so uncomfortable around so many strangers! Ok so many of them were on my course but when I am how I am…being nervous around them all and convincing myself that many of them didn’t want anything to do with me because I was…well quiet and not that interesting, it made life a bit hard because a lot of the stuff was group work and if you haven’t already read…I don’t like group work…if I always had the option, I would do it myself but I didn’t have a say in the matter so I had to like it or well…lump it!

After not being able to lump it, I just got on with it and performed to the best of my ability, terrifying people when I was a homeless man, being polite as a butler and I think the other piece was about Poetry or something…I know I wrote a poem for it but it’s been that long…I’ve forgotten what that piece was actually about now! it was hard work but it was to bring a close on my first year…it was an odd feeling really to come to an end here, a whole year had flown by and I asked myself, how am I now to how I was when I began in September, was I a better person for what I had gone through and achieved? I didn’t really know the answer to this yet because I decided to postpone finding out this answer until graduation…I felt that I would make more sense to ask it then than now…once I get to the very end..I mean Year One doesn’t even count towards the degree so it’s more like a warm up than anything.

So yeah, My first year was a challenging one, I moved away from home and attempted to live in a new place on my own and interact with the rest of the world and I…did alright I think, I had 2 more attempts at it so if I didn’t do as well as I had this time around then I could get it correct next time after the Summer break for Year 2, it would be a change indeed and I think it’s a year that was a lot better than the first one was to be, although I did get a 2:1 for year 1, even though it was a terrifying yet rewarding experience this year, Not as well I would have wanted but it was a start and I hadn’t left, even though I was close to doing so but I stuck to it…The ALIEN SURVIVED TO FIGHT ANOTHER DAY whoops Caps lock on there for some reason but never mind!

I did well but I wanted to do so much more and I was determined to push the boat out even more for the 2nd Year and even more so after that. I was going to succeed and get a 2:1 Degree, no matter what it took, I wouldn’t be satisfied with anything bellow a 2:1 and that would become my mindset from that point out!

I feel that for the 1st 10 chapters, I didn’t go into great detail about everything and there was a reason for it and that is simply that I can’t fully remember everything as well as the other 2 years that I spent there. The other 2 years I write about will be in a lot more detail and many more chapters.

More Soon

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